The UCLA Department of Linguistics offers a Minor in Linguistics. This minor is an attractive option for any student where training in linguistic analysis could be an enhancement to their major program, or those who are interested in "language", but do not have time in their undergraduate program to pursue multi-quarter language courses. The Department offers ten (10) "joint majors" that combine linguistics with training in specific languages, e.g. Linguistics and Spanish, or with training in fields allied to linguistics, e.g. Linguistics and
Psychology. There are, however, other natural combinations not offered in the Department. The minor in Linguistics provides an avenue for students in other departments to create programs that resemble the Department of Linguistics' joint majors.

The minor in Linguistics comprises of seven (7) courses with a minimum of 28 units.

To enter the minor, students must have an overall grade-point average of 2.0 or better. 

The Minor in Linguistics:

The minor in Linguistics consists of seven courses as follows:

  • Linguistics 20
  • Linguistics 102 or 103*
  • Linguistics 119A or 120A*
  • Linguistics 119B or 120B*
  • 2 Linguistics upper division elective courses, selected from Linguistics 104 through C185B.
  • 1 additional elective Linguistics course, which may be upper or lower division.

*Students who plan to complete the 165 series courses should take the corresponding 120 series courses as pre-requisites.

All minor courses must be taken for a letter grade, with an overall grade-point average of 2.0 or better. Students will complete 28-35 units for the minor, depending on the unit numbering for the electives that they select. Successful completion of the minor is indicated on the transcript and diploma.

(Current course descriptions are listed in UCLA's General Catalog.)

Enrolling in the Minor in Linguistics

Students wishing to declare the minor in Linguistics should consult with the department's Student Affairs Officer.

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