The UCLA Department of Linguistics sometimes has TAships available to offer to graduate students outside the department, particularly for Linguistics 1 and other lower-division courses.  Linguistics TAships are typically 50% time effort; positions come with automatic fee remission benefits (which covers quarterly registration fees).

Interested students in all linguistics-related graduate programs at UCLA are encouraged to apply. Applications should be submitted as early as possible, ideally prior to the start of the academic year. (Applications submitted after this date will be accepted, to be kept on file if a position becomes available.)

The selection criteria are:

Evidence of sufficient knowledge of linguistics (including completion of basic linguistics courses)

Evidence of expertise and talent in teaching, particularly of beginning undergraduate students (any high school teaching experience should also be mentioned).

 Applicants must meet UCLA's TA eligibility requirements:

(1)    Cumulative GPA of at least 3.0

(2)    No more than 12 quarters of overall TA employment

(3)    Enrollment in at least 12 units in the quarter in which you TA

(4)    International and permanent resident graduate students whose first language is not English must pass the campus administered Test of Oral Proficiency [TOP] with a score of 7.1 or greater. (prior to applying for a Linguistics TAship)

For more information about UCLA's TA policies, see the Graduate Division's Academic Apprentice Personnel Manual.


To apply, fill out the application form:

Download here.

Subject to a reasonable total length, applicants may include along with the official application any sort of material that would bear on the above criteria, including:

  • Application letter outlining experience and interests
  • Resume
  • List of linguistics courses taken
  • Academic transcripts (non-official transcripts are acceptable)
  • Evaluation forms or summaries from previous teaching experience.  It is usually helpful to provide a Xerox of every form on which students have made comments
  • Letters of recommendation from former students, your own teachers, professors for who you have TA'd, or others qualified to judge your teaching (these would be especially helpful if you don't have evaluation forms).

All of these are optional, and it is understood that different applicants will have different strengths.  No single criterion is used in making the Department's selections.

Applications should be submitted via email:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If you have any questions regarding these Teaching Assistant positions or how to apply for them, please feel free to contact the Linguistics Department's Graduate Student Affairs Officer.

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