If you plan to enroll in an independent study contract course (i.e., Linguistics 197, 198A, or 199), please follow the steps below.

1. Review the College’s Academic Regulations regarding independent study units:


2. Determine the faculty member you want to work with.

Linguistics faculty and research interests are listed here: http://www.linguistics.ucla.edu/people/196-faculty.html .

Note that each faculty member is allowed only 7 contract/independent study classes per quarter.

3. Ask the faculty member to do the independent study with you.

Finalize how often you will meet throughout the quarter, summarize the project that you will do, and agree on the evidence that you will present at the end of the quarter to fulfill the contract (typically a paper).

4. Log into MyUCLA.

Click on “contract courses” under the “features” column on the left hand side. Detailed online instructions: http://cis.ucla.edu/pdf/MyUCLA_CC.pdf

5. Fill out the contract.

State all of the parameters agreed upon in step #2. Be as specific as possible.

6. Print the contract.

7. Bring the contract to the faculty member to sign.

 8. Bring the signed contract to the department's Undergraduate Student Affairs Officer by Friday of the second week of classes

It will be reviewed and approved by the Linguistics Chair, you will then be enrolled in the class.

9. A copy of your contract will be emailed to you and the associated faculty member.
10. Let the department's Undergraduate Student Affairs Officer know if you intend to use this contract course to fulfill a major course requirement; your DPR will be updated.