The Departmental Scholars Program in Linguistics


Through the Departmental Scholars program, coordinated by L&S College Honors, highly motivated and exceptional undergraduates may be able to pursue a Masters Degree (M.A.) while simultaneously completing coursework for their B.A.

Eligibility for Admission

Students seeking nomination to the Linguistics Departmental Scholar Program must meet the following minimum criteria:

1. Completion of 24 courses (96 quarter units) at UCLA or the equivalent at a similar institution

2. A 3.5 overall grade point average

3. A 3.5 overall grade point average in a Linguistics major

4. Completion of Linguistics 103, 120A, 120B, 120C, and TWO of the following: 165A, 165B, 165C, and 185A.

5. It's recommended that applicants take ALL THREE of the following classes: 165A, 165B, 165C.

The Application

The Linguistics DSP application consists of:

(1) A completed "Departmental Scholar Nomination Form". (See the department's Student Affairs Officer, or the College Honors Office for this form.)

(2) One official UCLA transcript.

(3) Two letters of recommendation from two Linguistics faculty members.

(4) A short statement of purpose commenting on your intellectual and research interests. The statement of purpose should also touch on your immediate and long-range goals in the field.  

(Departmental Scholars are not required to take the GRE. However, students planning to apply in the future to other programs or universities for graduate school should consider taking the GRE general test.)

The Application Process

The Linguistics Department accepts applications for this program once per year. (Please contact the department's Student Affairs Officer for the exact deadline.)

DSP applications are reviewed by the department’s faculty. If the student's application approved, the department will then nominate the student to the Dean of the Division of Honors and the Dean of Graduate Division. Upon their approval, the student is formally admitted to the DSP.

Once admitted to the program, students begin taking graduate level courses for the MA in the following Fall quarter.

Master's Degree Requirements for the Linguistics DSP

Students are to complete the 9 linguistics courses for the MA. In the final quarter of the program, students must pass a comprehensive examination in order for the degree to be conferred. 

The MA program is designed to take a maximum of six quarters to complete.


Contact information

Please contact the department's Student Affairs Officer with any questions about the DSP.

For general information about the Departmental Scholar Program, please visit the College Honors website.