Some Recent Papers (you will need a recent version of the Adobe Acrobat Reader to read these):


'Hittite tit(ta)nu-, titti-, and Lycian stta-,' Chatreššar (to appear)


'The Role of Indo-European Studies in the XXIst Century,' Oxford Handbook of

     Diachronic and Historical Linguistics (ed. P. Crisma & G. Longobardi)

    (to appear) ie21stcentury

'The Source(s) of Indo-European Participles in *-e/ont-,' in Adjectifs verbaux et

     participes dans les langues indo-européennes (ed. C. Le Feuvre, D. Petit, and

     G.-J. Pinault) (to appear) melchertparis2014

'Hittite Historical Phonology after 100 Years (and after 20 years),' in "Hrozny and Hittite:

     The First Hundred Years" Prague, 11-14 November 2015 (ed. P. Čech, R. Kim et al.) prague

'Hittite and Indo-European: Revolution and Counterrevolution,' in 100 Jahre Entzifferung

     des Hethitischen - Morphosyntaktische Kategorien in Sprachgeschichte und Forschung:

     Arbeitstagung der lndogermanischen Gesellschaft Philipps-Universitat Marburg,

     21. bis 23. September 2015 (ed. E. Rieken et al.) marburg2015

'Semantics and Etymology of Hittit takš-,' in Indo-Iranian and Its Indo-European

          Origin…in honor of Alexander Lubotsky (to appear) FSlubotsky

'Syntax of the Hittite “Supine” Construction,' (with Harry A. Hoffner Jr.†),

in 5èmes Rencontres de l’IFEA. L’hittitologie aujourd’hui. Études

sur l’Anatolie hittite et néo-hittite à l’occasion du centenaire de la

naissance d’Emmanuel Laroche Istanbul, 21-22 Nov. 2014 (ed. A.

 Mouton &    ) (to appear) hoffner&melchert

'Luwian,' in Companion to Ancient Near Eastern Languages (ed. R.

Hasselbach-Andee) LuwianCANEL

'Mycenaean and Hittite Diplomatic Correspondence: Fact and Fiction' (to appear in

     Mycenaeans and Anatolians in the Late Bronze Age: The Ahhijawa Question, ed. A.

     Teffeteller) montreal

'The Position of Anatolian,' in Handbook of Indo-European Studies (ed. M. Weiss & A.

     Garrett) (to appear) positionofanatolian