Connor Mayer

Connor Mayer

Department of Linguistics
3125 Campbell Hall, UCLA
Los Angeles, CA

Recent news:

  • I'm delighted to announce that I was awarded a SSHRC Doctoral Award to support my research at UCLA! I'm very grateful for the support the Canadian government provides for the social sciences.

I'm a second year PhD student in the Department of Linguistics at UCLA. I'm generally interested in understanding language as something that takes place within, and hence is constrained and shaped by, the human body. More specifically, I'm interested in the evolution of human language, language acquisition (primarily from a phonetics/phonology perspective), the interface between phonetics and phonology, speech motor control, and using computational methods to inform and validate linguistic theories.

From more of an engineering perspective, I'm excited about the prospect of applying more linguistically-informed models to natural language processing tasks, and whether this can improve performance on languages with a small written footprint.

I was fortunate as an undergrad to work with speakers of Kwak'wala and Nuu-chah-nulth, which made me very aware of how central language is to the culture and identity of indigenous groups. I believe linguists have a responsibility to assist in the efforts of communities such as these to revitalize and document their languages, and I hope to make this an ongoing part of my research.

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