Lauren Winans


Hi, I'm Lauren. I'm a fifth year graduate student in Linguistics at UCLA. My office is Campbell 3103B, and my email address is


My main research interests are semantics and syntax. I have active projects on disjunction, evidentiality, tense, and modality. I am interested in the insights that cross-linguistic and acquisition data can provide on these topics.

I recently defended my dissertation prospectus on present interpretations of will. In this project, I look at the evidential requirements of epistemic modals. The dissertation is co-chaired by Jessica Rett and Yael Sharvit.

I completed a Masters thesis on disjunction in Egyptian Arabic, advised by Jessica Rett, Ed Keenan, and Yael Sharvit. This project involves conducting fieldwork with language consultants in Cairo, Alexandria, and Los Angeles. (Current draft)

I am currently working on a project with Jessica Rett and Nina Hyams that investigates the acquisition of evidentiality in English. This project includes a corpus study of child language as well as an adult experiment of copy-raising verbs. This work was presented at BUCLD 2012 (pdf). We are now conducting a related child comprehension study (along with Laura Kalin). The results will be presented at NELS 45.


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  • Summer 2014: Introduction to the Study of Language
  • Summer 2013: Introduction to the Study of Language
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