I am an applied linguist with expertise in African languages. My research interests are pragmatics and language learning. I investigate language use in participatory media, reproductive health campaigns, and instructional settings to understand how grammatical encodings and linguistic performances contribute to constructing and maintaining social order.


I teach Swahili (East Africa) at all levels (1-6) and courses in linguistics.

Fall 2017

Course description: APPLING 101W is an upper-division elective course for students interested in understanding language learning and teaching experiences and strategies in light of second/foreign language theory and research. Students will explore the skills and conditions involved in successful second and foreign language learning. They will then use this knowledge to develop a framework for teaching second and foreign languages. This course fulfills a requirement for the undergraduate minor emphasis in Language Teaching as well as Writing II and GE requirements. Enroll here


Course description: SWA1 focuses on standard Swahili, the most widely used language in East Africa and also one of the official languages of the United Nations. In an interactive environment you will be able to immerse yourself in Swahili while learning about its history and culture(s). Three consecutive quarters of Swahili satisfy college language requirements. All UC students are welcome to join the class via cross-campus enrollment. Enroll here