The UCLA Linguistics Department proudly sponsors a wide range of research talks. Our flagship series is the Linguistics Colloquium, which includes distinguished visiting speakers and is addressed to a general audience of linguists. Specialist talks cover a variety of areas, and are most often given by in-house speakers.

If you want to look at just the schedule for some particular talk series, select the series from the drop-down menu below.

If you can't find the schedule you need, please find who is the convenor for this quarter in the Schedule of Classes, and contact the convenor by email.

If you are responsible for organizing a talk series and want to learn how you can change these schedules, visit this page.

How to add new Talks and Events?

UCLA Department of Linguistics Web Site

The Linguistics web site is based on software ("Joomla") that permits an integrated schedule of talks. It also puts the closest four upcoming talks on the home page to help remind people to come. This page is meant for the faculty and students who organize our talk series. It explains how to use the software to add talks.

Faculty who would rather have staff put up their talks can send an electronic file to the Department Coordinator. Also, if you want to go to the old method of a separate page for your seminar, the Web Page Committee can set one up for you.



If you want to put talks into the Calendar system yourself, here's how.

1) Go to the main page of the department web site: www.linguistics.ucla.edu. At the very bottom, in yellow, you'll see the word "Login". Click to log in. You'll be asked for a user name and password. If you don't have a password, please ask the Department's Department Coordinator to obtain one for you. Specify that you want to edit the Talks and Events page.

2) Click on Talks and Events, a large menu item at the top of the main page. This will connect you to the schedule page. (You can view the page here).

3) About three inches from the top of the page, you'll see a drop-down menu labeled Please select a category. Click on the little black triangle, and then select your particular talk series.

4) Look about one inch above the end of the white space on the page. You will see, in smallish grey print, "Add an event". Click.

5) In the Subject field, fill in the basic information needed. We recommend the following format:

Phrenology Seminar: Francis Joseph Gall, "New bumps for nasal spreading and case marking"

Reason: this field is the only one that get posted on the Home Page. So putting the full information will do the best job of publicizing your talk.

6) For start day and end day, plus start time and end time, fill in the fields shown.

7) Repeat type is normally "no repeat".

8) Activity. You don't have to enter anything in this box, but it would be a good place to put a speaker bio or abstract. We're still learning about how you would post a pdf here and would appreciate your feedback (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) on how to do this if you find out first.

9) Location. Fill it in. Note that the Linguistics Department Conference Room is Campbell Hall 2122.

10) Contact is you, or you can leave it blank.

11) Then click Save. (We do not yet know if there is some way you can preview the appearance of your work before you save it.)

12) Finally, click on Talks and Events (top of the interface) again to check that your work was accurate.


Comments and feedback on these directions to Bruce Hayes at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

19 October 2010

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