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Description of committees and their duties
Archive: old committee assignments

Committee Memberships 2014-2015

  • Campbell Hall Mitigation                N. Hyams, C. Schutze
  • Colloquium:                                      Faculty adviser: R. Daland.  Students: John Gluckman, others TBA
  • DGS of Applied Linguistics             R. Schuh
  • Fellowships and Awards:                 J. Rett, R. Daland
  • First Year Advising :                        S. Jun ex officio as DGS
  • Graduate Admissions:                     P. Keating (Chair), R. Daland, J. Rett, C. Schutze, Y. Sharvit, D. Sportiche
  • Grad Student Funding Committee:  S. Jun (Chair), B. Hayes, Sara Hosegera
  • Language Exams:                            H. Koopman
  • Mentors for Lecturers:                    R. Schuh (1), Hayes (20), Hayes (120A), Mahajan (120B, 127), Munro/Zuraw (210)
  • Merit Review Committee (membership not posted)
  • Minicourses:                                T. Stowell
  • Scheduling:                                  M. Sundara
  • Search Committee Spring Lecturer   H. Koopman, B. Hayes ex officio
  • Steering Committee:                   Y. Sharvit (F), E. Stabler (F), C. Schutze (W), T. Stowell (WS), H. Koopman (S)
  • Student Research Funding (Field Work and Experimental Subjects):  C. Schutze (F), N. Hyams (W, S)
  • Teaching Evaluation:                   A. Mahajan (chair), J. Harris, K. Zuraw. Students: Michael Lefkowitz, Adeline Tan, Lauren Winans
  • Undergraduate Advising:             R. Schuh (Chair), E. Stabler
  • Visiting Students and Scholars Committee:  H. Koopman
  • Website :                                      T. Stowell (Chair), B. Hayes. Students: A. Chong, Y. Tanaka. Staff: A. Garcia, S. Hosegera
  • President of the Graduate Linguistics Circle/Faculty Meeting Representative:  Jesse Zymet
  • GLC Vice-President/Faculty Meeting Representative:                  Ann Bailey
  • GLC Secretary:                            Jos Tellings
  • Desk Assignment:                        Jos Tellings


Description of Committees


Duties: Solicit requests for speakers. Contact potential speakers and arrange for their visits. Keep track of invited speaker budget. Circulate quarter lists of Colloquium speakers, updates on Colloquia during the quarter, and announcements for individual Colloquia. Maintain contact with invited speakers in order to solicit abstracts of talks for circulation at the appropriate time and apprise them of time, place, etc. for their talks. Make arrangements for social activities associated with the Colloquium, if appropriate, e.g. lunch or a social hour afterward. See Colloquium guidelines for student and faculty hosts.

Course Scheduling

1. At the start of Winter Quarter, find out from staff when the deadline for course scheduling is. 2. At an appropriate time, request faculty to go into groups and work out teaching assignments in their areas, along with provision for their share in General Education teaching. 3. Using the replies, work out an equitable and effective set of assignments, consulting with the Chair where needed. 4. With the help of the SAO staff, work out a set of times for course offerings that minimizes time conflicts, taking into account teacher preferences. 5. During the year, monitor and implement changes in the schedule, consulting the Chair for problematic cases and for temporary staff needed. 6. Transfer schedule changes to the Department Coordinator for web-posting.

Desk Assignment

The Desk Assignment Committee, a student committee, assigns desk space to students and visitors.


Duties: rank order applications for DYFs and Mentorships and related instruments

First Year Adviser

This committee is assigned as of 2014-2015 ex officio to the Director of Graduate Studies.

Duties: Help plan and conduct orientation session, and meet individually with all new graduate students, during Fall Quarter prior to registration. In consultation with relevant faculty, determine deficiencies which might prevent students from taking required courses, and whether courses taken elsewhere can satisfy any UCLA requirements. Advise students on choice of elective courses. Meet with students and sign study lists each quarter. Advise students on meeting requirements in practical phonetics, foreign language, and eligibility to TA. In cooperation with Colloquium Committee and with staff help, arrange Ling. 411 (continuing orientation) sessions during Fall and Winter quarters.

Language Examination

Duties: Inform students of time and place of quarterly language reading examinations. Designate faculty members who will set the reading passages and correct the exams. Supervise the exams themselves. Verify satisfaction of the language requirement by means other than the departmental exams.

For further information on language examinations, go to the page Language Requirement for the Linguistics Graduate Program.

Legislative Assembly

Serve as the department's representative to the Legislative Assembly of the UCLA Academic Senate.  Report to colleagues by email what happened at the meetings.

Merit Review

Duties: Evaluate records of candidates for personnel actions that require only Dean's review (these include most merit increase in rank and certain accelerations). Prepare research reports for Chair and make recommendations to full faculty on advancements, requesting full faculty discussion where necessary.


Generally the faculty who propose minicourses will constitute the committee, each primarily responsible for their own proposed minicourse. Invite the teacher, schedule the course (consulting with the Colloquium Committee to find a mutually compatible schedule).  Consult with the Department Manager to arrange for staff to (1) find a classroom, (2) reimburse travel costs, (3) make sure the invitee is paid.  Make sure the teacher is housed and entertained at times. Monitor the budget allocated to the visit and make sure it is not exceeded. Report progress from time to time to the Chair.

Steering Committee

Be available on relatively short notice for consultation by Chair for judgment calls; meet with Chair from time to time as necessary.


Student Research Funding

Make decisions on the allocation of research funding to graduate students, ensuring that Human Subjects and other regulations are properly adhered to.

Teaching Evaluation

Duties:  at each faculty personnel review, examine the teaching record, including course evaluations, and prepare and present an evaluative/interpretive report (either to the full faculty or the Merit Review Committee, depending).  Maintain computerized course-and-instructor evaluation records. Nominate and document accomplishments of candidates for Distinguished Teaching and Distinguished TA Awards.

Temporary Faculty

Serves as search committee for temporary faculty.

Undergraduate Advising

Duties: All aspects of undergraduate advising and adinistration of undergraduate curricula, including the following: work together with the undergraduate Student Affairs Officer in undergraduate advising on issues such as course substitutions, evaluating transfer courses, advising on choice of EAP courses, and other matters concerning individual courses. Oversee curricular changes (under advisement from the faculty) such as adding or deleting courses, changing course requisites and course descriptions, re-uniting courses, and proposing new major tracks or changing requirements for major tracks. Review applications for Departmental Scholars Program and recommend candidates to the full faculty.

Visiting Students and Scholars

Duties: the Visiting Scholar Committee answers requests to be a visitor (info sheet from the Department Coordinator); circulate request with relevant faculty, answer). Note: there is a web page set up by the Committee to assist applicants.

Web Site and Publications

Maintain and improve the departmental Web site/research archives/working papers.  This document contains institutional memory on how to run the web site.