Daniel Büring
To Want It is to Want to Be There: A Note on Levinson (2003)

Claire Beyssade
The Meaning of Intonation: Some French Data

Paul Égré
'Savoir', 'Croire', et Questions Enchâssées

Bart Geurts
& Rob van der Sandt
Interpreting Focus

Roumyana Pancheva
& Rajesh Bhatt
Degree Quantifiers, Position of Merger Effects with their Restrictors, and Conservativity

Benjamin Spector
Scalar Implicatures: Exhaustivity and Gricean Reasoning

François Recanati
Embedded Implicatures

Philippe Schlenker
Non-Redundancy: Towards A Semantic Reinterpretation of Binding Theory

Dominique Sportiche
Division of Labor between Merge and Move: Strict Locality of Selection and Apparent Reconstruction Paradoxes

In June 2003, a three-day workshop on 'Division of Linguistic Labor' in syntax, semantics and pragmatics took place at the Château de la Bretesche near Nantes, France. This workshop was made possible by a generous grant of the Borchard Foundation, whose goal was to foster scientific collaboration in linguistics between France and Southern California. The Foundation's goals were reached beyond anyone's expectations. The workshop initiated a long series of fruitful exchanges between UCLA, École Normale Supérieure, and Institut Jean-Nicod (CNRS), which took the form of numerous visits in both directions as well as the establishment of a formal exchange agreement. It also paved the way for a Fall School in Linguistics (EALing, 'École d'Automne en Linguistique'), organized at École Normale Supérieure in September 2003, 2004 and 2005. Last but not least, the workshop initiated new collaborations with European specialists who have in the meantime taught in the newly created Département d'Études Cognitives at École Normale Supérieure.

We are happy to make available for a broader audience the Proceedings of this workshop. We are particularly grateful to the Borchard Foundation for making this event possible. We also thank Nathan Klinedinst (UCLA) and Greg Kobele (UCLA), who were responsible for editing this volume. Finally, we thank all the participants to this workshop for most stimulating intellectual exchanges.

DOMINIQUE SPORTICHE (UCLA, École Normale Supérieure, Institut Jean-Nicod)