Doctoral Guidance Committee

Forming the Guidance Committee

According to department policy, a guidance committee, must be appointed no later than the end of the next quarter of residence following admission to the Ph.D. program. This would normally mean – before the end of the fall quarter of your 3rd year in the program. This committee consists minimally of three “inside” members (Linguistics professors). In addition, “outside” members may be included if desired.

Changes may be made to this committee prior to your oral doctoral qualifying examination, should this be necessary.

Click here to download the guidance committee form as a text document. You may also pick up the form from the department Student Affairs Officer. After completing the form, please submit it to the SAO.

[Don’t forget– you must appoint an official committee with a minimum of four members at least three weeks before your oral exam.  See the SAO, or the Graduate Division website, for the necessary form.