Getting Oriented In The Department

This page gives policies and assistance on e-mail, residence, scheduling classes, computer room, keys, desks, phone, copying, faxes, mail, whiteboard space, conference room, housing, international students, and audio/visual services.

For further information on these topics, please consult the Student Affairs Officer and/or the Front Office Coordinator.


There are two basic email systems that the Linguistics Dept. uses, HUMnet and Bruin OnLine (BOL).  HUMnet accounts are obtained through the Center for Digital Humanities. BOL is the university-wide internet system. To set up your BOL account, go to BOL homepage.


The Linguistics Department conference room (2122 Campbell) is available for special lectures, meetings, social hours, review sessions, etc.  Using the conference room for regularly scheduled courses should be kept to a minimum.  Please see the Front Office Coordinator to schedule events in the conference room.


The Department maintains a computer room for graduate students in 3103D Campbell.  There are PCs and a Macintosh computer in this room. To gain access to the computer room, please see the Front Office Coordinator for an access code for the special lock.  The printer is in 3128. It is also a copier and a PDF scanner.


Keys for offices, the Reading Room, the Conference Room, etc. may be obtained through the department from the Front Office Coordinator.  Keys are provided at no charge; however, if any key is lost, the replacement fee is $10.00 per key.  All new graduate students should have a key to the Graduate Student Reading Room (2125 Campbell) and a key to the building.


All new graduate students will be assigned desks in the side offices of the Reading Room (2125 Campbell).


There are various phones available to you in the department.  First year graduate students mainly use the phone in the Reading Room (206-4388).  To dial campus phone numbers using a campus phone, you need only dial the last 5 numbers (e.g., for the Main Office, you would dial 50634).  To get an outside line, dial “8” and then the number.


The Department has a Ricoh copier available for graduate student use.  This copier is located across the hall from the Department Main Office (3125 Campbell).  You will need a copier code to operate this machine; please see the Front Office Coordinator for a personal code. Copy credit for your code may be purchased at the rate of 5¢ a copy. Faculty are also issued copier codes to be charged to their research grants (for research related purposes) and faculty and TAs are issued copier codes for use in copying course materials.


The department mail bin in the main office (3125 Campbell) is for on- and off-campus mail.  The Linguistics Department recharge id is for official University/Department business only. Please check your mail box in the main office regularly, as you might receive notices, important handouts, and messages.  “Live” UCLA checks (e.g., reimbursement and paychecks) are NOT put in the mailboxes; they are instead held by the Front Office Coordinator.


The Linguistics Dept. has a fax machine available for department use.


The whiteboard located to the right of the department office front door is for announcing special meetings, lectures and classes in the dept.   The priority for putting announcements on the whiteboard is as follows:

1.   Colloquia and Faculty Meetings

2.   Linguistics 411 (new student orientation meetings with faculty)

3.   Seminars (e.g. Phonology, Phonetics, Syntax/Semantics)

4.   Special lectures or meetings sponsored by the department (e.g. final orals, GLC meetings)

5.   Other lectures or meetings

6.   Parking permit renewal announcements

Requests for events to be placed on the whiteboard should be forwarded to the Front Office Coordinator at least one week in advance.


If you are a Teaching Assistant and would like to show a film or video in one of your courses, there is an Instructional Media Library on campus which has a large selection of titles available for department use.  There are also Audio/Visual Services on campus which provide film projectors and operators, VCRs, monitors, etc. for showing films and videos.  AV services also provide data projectors, lavaliere microphones, etc. for use in classrooms.  Please see Front Office Coordinator about ordering films, equipment, etc. for classes.  DO NOT attempt to place orders yourselves!   All AV orders, whether they are for equipment only (such as a projector), or for Audio Visual services for equipment set-up and operation, must be placed at least three working days prior to the date of the service requested in order to avoid charges to the department.  Cancellations with no advance notice will be billed for all requested equipment and labor.  (Late cancellations reduce the availability of AV services for other campus users and result in very real and unnecessary personnel costs.)   Cancellations of Audio-Visual equipment or services must be done no later than 12 o’clock noon the day before the scheduled class or event.  Otherwise, the department will be charged!  [Media Library and Audio/Visual Services are normally free.]

The Department owns portable LCD projectors, a PC laptop, internet/ethernet cords, and desktop speakers. To reserve these items, please see the Front Office Coordinator.