Historical Linguistics Requirement

Linguistics graduate students must have the equivalent of a real undergraduate or graduate course in historical linguistics (not in the history of a language or language family). The first year advisor or an appointed member of the faculty will determine if your historical linguistics course satisfies the requirement. If you haven’t had one, you can take the one offered in UCLA’s Linguistics Department.  There are several options:

  • Take our undergraduate course, Linguistics 110 – see class schedule for when offered.
  • In quarters when Ling. 110 is offered, you may instead choose to take Ling. 110G, for 2 units, which will give you the content of Ling. 110 more efficiently. You will attend a weekly section plus a couple of lectures as specified by the instructor, do the written assignments, and take the final exam.
  • You may also choose to take a historical linguistics course at the LSA Summer Institute.