Summer School Teaching for Linguistics Graduate Students

The Linguistics Department offers a limited number of undergraduate courses every summer.  Currently, the plan is to staff these courses with Linguistics graduate students.  Linguistics students are welcome to apply for these positions.  To make the selection process (which is done by the Department Chair) as fair and open as possible, we invite you to submit your credentials.

Actual comparative evaluation will be done in part on the basis of materials you can submit with your application.  None of this material is obligatory, but it is reasonable to assume that students who submit stronger dossiers are more likely to be selected.  Supplementary materials may include:

  • Resume
  • Summary of experience and interests
  • Your UCLA academic transcript (Xeroxed, non-official transcripts are acceptable)
  • Evaluation forms or summaries from previous teaching experience. It is usually helpful to provide a Xerox of every form on which students have made comments
  • Letters of recommendation from former students, your own teachers, professors for who you have TA’d, or others qualified to judge your teaching.