If You Took Graduate Courses In The Department Before Entering The Graduate Program In Linguistics

If you have already taken UCLA graduate courses in linguistics (whether as an undergraduate, or as a graduate student in another program), then you cannot take them again. But the university requires 9 courses for the M.A., so if you took any of those courses “before the award of the bachelor’s degree”, or for a different UCLA M.A. degree, then you will have to take additional elective courses for the linguistics M.A., to reach the total of 9 courses. [By this same logic, if you took the undergraduate version of a course, also offered in a graduate version (e.g. you took C180, which corresponds to C208), then you can in fact take the graduate version as a graduate student. This is not necessarily a good idea; consult with the professor teaching the course to see if they are sufficiently different to make it worth your time.]

If you took one or more graduate courses in the department as a graduate student in another program but transferred to Linguistics before getting a degree, then any such courses do count towards your M.A. in Linguistics. For example, if you took 200A, then you should not take it again.  You have already satisfied our requirement for 200A, and you have only 8 more courses needed for your M.A. in Linguistics.