Some Recent Papers (you will need a recent version of the Adobe Acrobat Reader to read these):


'Hittite tit(ta)nu-, titti-, and Lycian stta-,' Chatreššar (to appear)


'The Role of Indo-European Studies in the XXIst Century,' Oxford Handbook of

     Diachronic and Historical Linguistics (ed. P. Crisma & G. Longobardi)

    (to appear) ie21stcentury

'Hittite Historical Phonology after 100 Years (and after 20 years),' in "Hrozny and Hittite:

     The First Hundred Years" Prague, 11-14 November 2015 (ed. P. Čech, R. Kim et al.) prague

'Semantics and Etymology of Hittit takš-,' in Indo-Iranian and Its Indo-European

          Origin…in honor of Alexander Lubotsky (to appear) FSlubotsky

'Luwian,' in Companion to Ancient Near Eastern Languages (ed. R.

Hasselbach-Andee) LuwianCANEL

'Mycenaean and Hittite Diplomatic Correspondence: Fact and Fiction' (to appear in

     Mycenaeans and Anatolians in the Late Bronze Age: The Ahhijawa Question, ed. A.

     Teffeteller) montreal

'The Position of Anatolian,' in Handbook of Indo-European Studies (ed. M. Weiss & A.

     Garrett) (to appear) positionofanatolian