Teaching Experience:

2007-2015: A. Richard Diebold Professor of Indo-European Studies &

     Professor of Linguistics, University of California at Los Angeles


     2008 (summer): Lecturer, Indo-European Dahlem Summer School

     Cuneiform Luvian Grammar & Hittite Texts September 1-5, 2008


     2005 (summer):  Hermann and Klara Collitz Professor, Linguistic

     Society of America Summer Institute, M.I.T & Harvard University, 

     Cambridge MA


2004-2007: Paul Debreczeny Distinguished Professor of Linguistics,

     University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


     1997 (summer):  Visiting Professor, Linguistic Society of America

     Summer Institute, Cornell University


     1996 (spring):  Visiting Professor, Department of Linguistics, Harvard



1993-1996:  Charles S. Smith Jr. Distinguished Professor, University of

     North Carolina at Chapel Hill


     1990 (spring):  Visiting Professor, Department of Linguistics, Yale



1989-2007:  Professor


1984-1989:  Associate Professor


1978-1984:  Assistant Professor:  Curriculum in Linguistics, University of

     North Carolina at Chapel Hill

1977:  Instructor in Linguistics, Harvard University Summer School

1972-1975:  Teaching fellow in Linguistics, Harvard University

Courses taught:

     Introduction to Language                    (regularly)
     Introduction to Historical Linguistics         "
     Introduction to Indo-European (2 sem.)    "
     Elementary Sanskrit (2 sem.)                   "
     Structure of Mandarin Chinese                "
     Indo-European Culture and Society         "
     Elementary Hittite (2 sem.)                       "
     Linguistic Structuralism: Sources and Influences
     Introduction to Anatolian Linguistics
     Historical Grammar of Sanskrit
     Readings in the Rigveda (3 sem.)
     Chinese Historical Phonology
     Readings in Chinese Linguistics
     Elementary Old Irish (2 sem.)
     Old Irish Historical Phonology
     Linguistic Phonetics


1967-68, 72-77 Harvard University, Ph.D. in Linguistics
     Major:  Indo-European
     Minor:  Chinese Linguistics
     Woodrow Wilson Fellowship 1967-68
     Whiting Fellowship in the Humanities 1976-77
     Dissertation:  'Ablative and Instrumental in Hittite' (Director:  Calvert



     1968 Chinese (Mandarin) Course ("MAFAC") Defense Language    

     Institute, West Coast


     1970-71 Intermediate Chinese (Mandarin) National Cryptologic School,

     Ft. Meade, Md.

1963-67 Michigan State University
     Major:  German
     National Merit Scholarship 1963-67
     Bachelor of Arts in German with high honor

Other Professional Experience:

Ph.D. Dissertations directed (UCLA):

     Andrew M. Byrd, 'Reconstructing Indo-European Syllabification,' 2010

     Jessica L. DeLisi, 'Epenthesis and prosodic structure in Armenian:

A diachronic account,' 2015

     Timothy R. Dempsey, 'Anatolian Verbal Reduplication,' 2015

     Bernhard Koller, 'Studies in Tocharian Phonology above the Word-Level,' 2015

     Mattyas G. C. Huggard, 'Wh-words in Hittite: A Study in Syntax-Semantics

          and Syntax-Phonology Interfaces,' 2015

     Kaspars Ozoliņš, 'Revisiting Proto-Indo-European Schwebeablaut,' 2015


Ph.D. Dissertations directed (UNC-CH):


     A. Wesley Jones, 'Gothic Final Syllables,' 1979 (with Sidney R. Smith)
     Yi Feng Chen, 'The Reconstruction of the Nara Period Japanese

          Vowels,' 1979
     Linda McIntyre, 'Classical Reduplication,' 1992 (with Randall Hendrick)
     Kirsten Reichardt, 'The Linguistic Structure of Hittite and Luvian Curse

          Formulae,' 1998
     Fred M. Williams III, 'The Development of the Sixth Class Strong Verb

          in Germanic,' 1999
     Donna Salisbury, 'Local Adverbs in Neo-Hittite,' 2005

M.A. Theses directed (UNC-CH):

     Cynthia Beard, 'A Transformational Analysis of the Chinese Passive

          Construction,' 1982
     Jeffrey Davis, 'The Semantics of "Vision" in Old Irish,' 1982
     Phyllis McCraw, 'The Indo-European Stop System,' 1986
     Linda McIntyre, 'Animate Plural in Neo-Hittite,' 1986
     Peter Johnson, 'The PIE Thematic Ablative Ending,' 1991
     Kristin Reichardt, 'Old English wif and cwen/cwene,' 1996
     Donna Salisbury, 'anda and andan in Neo-Hittite,' 1996
     Benito Vilá, 'The Vocabulary of Self and Other in Sixteenth and

         Seventeenth Century Chilean Documents,' 2000

Administrative Duties (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill):

     Departmental Director of Graduate Admissions (1979-1984,

     Departmental Director of Graduate Studies (1979-1999, 2002-2007)

     Chair, Curriculum in Linguistics & Linguistics Advisory Committee

     Assistant Chair, Curriculum in Linguistics & East Asian Language 

     Chair, Department of Linguistics (1994-1999, 2004-2007)

Administrative Duties (University of California, Los Angeles)

      Chair, Program in Indo-European Studies (2009-2015)

Professional Affiliations:

    American Oriental Society
    Indogermanische Gesellschaft, member and American representative

         on the Internationaler Beirat (Stellvertreter 2008-2012)

    Co-editor, Brill’s Studies in Indo-European Languages and Linguistics

    Consultant,The Hittite Dictionary of the Oriental Institute of the  

        University of Chicago
    Member, Editorial Advisory Board of Tocharian and Indo-European

    Member, Redaktioneller Beirat, Kratylos
    Member, Editorial Board, Eisenbrauns' book series Language of the

        Ancient Near East