Links from the Distant Past

I have attempted to update these links to the present day, but they mostly reflect my interests as they were in 1997. However, my interests aren't all that different now...

Programming and Using Linux

I like to waste my time playing with various weird programming languages such as Python, OCaml, Lisp , Icon and Oz. I do all of this on a UNIX-like operating system called Linux which is freely available for many platforms (originally just PCs, but now most Macintosh platforms, Amiga, Atari, DEC ALPHA, SGI, SPARC, etc.). Some of the software available for Linux can be found here , here , and here . In addition to the free operating system Linux, I like to use free software as much as possible, including free databases such as Postgres95 . Another time sink in this area is in computerized typography using LaTeX and LyX . Fonts can be found in the Internet Font Archives .

I should note that the languages I actually end up using for work/research are C++, python, prolog (rarely), and OCaml.

More Programming/Software Links:

Programming Languages:
Linux Specific:
Text Processing (LaTeX):

My ``Work''

I am lucky enough to be in the computational linguistics business, specifically computational phonology .

Linguistics Links

Computation/AI/Logic Programming Links

I've been doing a lot of constraint logic programming and such lately for my thesis (lately as of 1997, that is...). More recently, I have been working with finite state machines, chart parsing, and network programming. Here are some sites I've found useful:

UCLA Links

Here're some useful links for UCLA students:

Useless Gadgets

I have a sad obsession with cool, but not very necessary, gadgets. In particular, Personal Digital Assistants. The ones I have are the Palm Pilot (purchased back when it was the US Robotics Pilot 1000) and the Apple Newton Messagepad 2000, which has long since been discontinued. Some useful sites related to these are:

Toy Trains, er, that is, Model Railroading

One of my seemingly endless series of time-wasting hobbies is model railroading in N scale (also S scale and G scale). Here are some of the links I've found useful there.


Mi estas membro de la internacia esperanta konspiro. You too can be a member of the International Esperanto Conspiracy! Just go to these sites...

Other Miscellaneous Links


Finding People, Geneology

Electronics Companies/Computer Hardware Info

Internet Searching/Information:

Languages Stuff:

L.A. Area:

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