Transcription Practice:  English Dialects and Allophones

Linguistics 103
Bruce Hayes

The task here is hearing distinctions in English that are unlikely to be phonemic for you, either because they are free-variation allophones or because they occur in a faraway dialect.  

Multiple choice:  order given, or reverse order. Click "Answer" to see if you were right.

Orthography Transcription (not necessarily order given) Answer
1. mice answer
2. man answer
3. cue answer
4. slowness/Sloane-ess "female person from Sloane" answer
5. wail/whale answer
6. ma/maw answer
7. freeze answer
8. hunter answer
9. cup answer
10. oncology answer
11. something answer
12. ferry/fairy answer
13. carry/Kerry answer
14. save/safe answer
15. tree answer

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Last updated December 6, 2004