English Transcription Practice

Linguistics 103

To do this transcription practice, you need to be able to see the script.  Download it here.

The script is a PDF document.  To read PDF files, you have to have the Adobe PDF reader on your computer. All computers in the UCLA student labs already have the reader.  If you need it at home, you can download it from Adobe here.

Click here to obtain the sound files all in one zipped bundle

Please don't try this if you're uneasy about computers--just go on to the next section.

The idea is to save you a little time downloading.  You download all the files at once as a zipped file, unzip them into a new folder, then access them by clicking on the individual files.

The files are named 1.wav through 45.wav, corresponding to the links below, and to the script.

The Individual Sound Files

Just click on them.  If they don't play, read these directions:
Download a free waveform player on the Web.  For Windows, I've had the best luck with the Windows Media Player, available here. I don't know much about Macs, but one possibility is WinAmp, available here.  For both Windows and Mac, there are many other players as well.

If all is going smoothly, the files will simply play when you click on them. But you may find that instead, your software for playing files will pop up on the screen. This will slow you down, but only by a little. Click the Play button on this software (it usually looks like the Play button on a tape recorder). If you can't locate an interface with a Play button on your computer screen, try minimizing the browser window (it might be lurking underneath).

1. crookedness
2. Leslie (first way)
3. Leslie (second way)
4. macular
5. Seattle
6. Idaho
7. clairvoyant
8. strengths
9. indentation
10. compensation
11. enemy
12. rot
13. wrought
14. terrific (first version)
15. terrific (second version)
16. texture
17. annual
18. neuron (first version)
19. neuron (second version)
20. bother
21. idolatry
22. delivery (first version)
23. delivery (second version)
24. pally ("acting like a pal")
25. Pali (ancient language of India)
26. Pauley (athletic pavilion)
27. plasticity (first version)
28. plasticity (second version)
29. uranium (first version)
30. uranium (second version)
31. ye
32. E
33. woo
34. ooh
35. quarter (first version)
36. quarter (second version)
37. (nonsense word)
38. (nonsense word)
39. (nonsense word)
40. (nonsense word)
41. (nonsense word)
42. (nonsense word)
43. (nonsense word)
44. (nonsense word)
45. (nonsense word).  Compare with #4, macular.

(end of exercise)

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