Linguistics 103 Homework: Hausa Tone

If you didn't get the homework in class, you can download it here.

You need the pdf reader (download from here) to read the file.

Here are the sound files you need to do the homework.  Follow along the printed version of the homework for instructions.  If you would like to download all the sound files at once (zip file), click here; but you can just click on the words if you like.

Examples of Hausa Tone

Disyllabic words with HL tone:

Disyllabic words with LH tone:

Disyllabic words with HH tone:

Test Items

Now, listen to these words and indicate whether they have HL, LH, or HH tone. You can use the forms above as the basis for comparison. You may try transcribing the segments, too, if you like, but only the tones will be graded.

Word 1

Word 2

Word 3

Word 4

Word 5

Word 6

Word 7

Word 8

Word 9

Word 10

Word 11

Word 12

Word 13

Word 14

Word 15