Linguistics 103:  Links to useful phonetics resources

Prof. Bruce Hayes
Department of Linguistics

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Peter Ladefoged's sound files for learning phonetics
Reserve readings for this course
Web page of the UCLA Phonetics Laboratory (research facility)

International Phonetic Alphabet/Association

Web page of the International Phonetic Association (IPA)
The official IPA chart
Official sound illustrations of the IPA  About 90 Mb of sound files from many languages.
Click-and-hear IPA chart.  Authoritative pronunciations by Profs. John Wells and Jill House of University College London.
IPA training software from Summer Institute of Linguistics.  Consonants pronounced by Peter Ladefoged, vowels by someone else.  31 meg download.

Vocal Tract Anatomy and Function

Animation of vibrating vocal folds (UCLA Phonetics Laboratory)

Reading spectrograms

How to read spectrograms by Prof. Robert Hagiwara, University of Manitoba


Speech accent archive (George Mason University).  Hundreds of speech samples of different English accents (many L2) with narrow IPA transcription.

Phonetic fonts

Bruce Hayes's Phonetic fonts page

Links for particular classes

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