Linguistics 103:  Phonetic Charts

Prof. Bruce Hayes
Department of Linguistics


Chart for practicing English broad transcription.  With sound files.

IPA sounds in General

These are expanded versions of the official IPA chart, created for my own students:  

The vowel chart is a bit controversial, since (unlike the IPA chart), all rows and columns are labeled.  I think this is an improvement over the original, but bear in mind it is not genuine IPA.

File Format:

I've included the original Word versions of these files, in case you'd like to customize the charts in preparing the phonetic charts for your term paper.  (click here or here for free word processors that can read Word files.).  I've also included PDF versions, readable on all computers with the Adobe Reader.

Sound files:

There are sound files, with my own personal rendition, for both consonants and vowels.  The sound files for consonants are part of the chart, whereas the sound files for vowels are a separate Web page.

Note:  to read these charts you may need to download the (free) SIL IPA fonts.
Vowels: [PDF format] [Word format] [Web page, with BH sound files]
Consonants [PDF format] [Word format]

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