Bengali Intonational Phonology

Bruce Hayes and Aditi Lahiri

Published in Natural Language and Linguistic Theory 9: 47-96 (1991).

PDF of the paper

Sound file - hear most of the pitch-tracked examples, as pronounced by Aditi Lahiri, in .wav format.  This is an old cassette that I recently found and digitized (2008).  They're probably not exactly the same examples as in the paper, but they are close and might be useful in giving readers an idea of what these intonation contours sound like.

See also:

Bruce Hayes and Aditi Lahiri "Durationally specified intonation in English and Bengali" (1991) [scanned, 2 Mb] in Johan Sundberg, Lennart Nord, and Rolf Carlson, eds., Music, Language, Speech, and Brain, Macmillan, London, pp. 78-91.

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