Phonetically-Based Phonology

Edited by Bruce Hayes, Robert Kirchner, and Donca Steriade

Phonetically Based Phonology is centred around the hypothesis that phonologies of languages are determined by phonetic principles; that is, phoinetic patterns involving ease of articulation and perception are expressed linguistically as grammatical constraints.  This book brings together a team of leading scholars to provide a wide-ranging study of phonetically-based phonology.  It investigates the role of phonetics in many phonological phenomena, such as assimilation, vowel reduction, vowel harmony, syllable weight, contour tone distribution, metathesis, lenition, sonority sequencing, and the Obligatory Contour Principle (OCP) -- exploring in particular the phonetic bases of phonological markedness in these key areas.  The analyses also illustrate several analytical strategies whereby phonological sound patterns can be related to their phonetic underpinnings. Each chapter includes a tutorial discussion of the phonetics on which the phonological discussion is based.

Diverse and comprehensive in its coverage, Phonetically Based Phonology will be welcomed by all linguists interested in the relationship between phonetics and phonological theory.

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