Bruce Hayes - Personal

I was born in Seattle, WA during the Eisenhower administration.

After moving around for a while, my family settled in Ithaca, N.Y, where I grew up, attending public schools.

I attended Harvard for college and went to graduate school at MIT. My teacher there was Prof. Morris Halle.

After finishing my degree in 1980, I served as a temporary lecturer at Yale for a year

Then in 1981 I got my current job at UCLA.

I am married to Pat Keating, who is also a professor in the UCLA Linguistics Department. The picture also shows our son Peter, born 1989.

These are more recent pictures of our son, taken 2006.  He is currently an undergraduate student at Brown University in Providence, R.I.

I play violin in the Palisades Symphony Orchestra under the direction of maestro Joel Lish.  Click on the link for our next concert.

Baby Picture Section

Here are pictures of me as a baby investigating a pine cone.

Here is a picture of me investigating an important object with the help of my father and my older sister.

This is me neglecting to point at something, flanked by my sisters, who are with the program. Note that children in the 1950's frequently wore leather shoes.


I have a personal page using the Google web service where I post a couple of other things (for now:  family biography, Billings in shape notes).

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