Small utility programs for phonology (Bruce Hayes)

Over the years I've written these little things to do tasks that come up over and over in dealing with phonological data.  They only run in Windows, and are written in a programming  language that Microsoft has abolished (but if that doesn't discourage you, I can send you the source code anyway;

I've tried to keep these as simple to install as possible by using only the core elements of the programming language.  These are all in zipped folders; download the zip file, unzip in somewhere, open the folder, click on the program file (.exe).  

String reverser:   takes in set of strings and outputs a file with the original strings plus a reverse-order copy.   Paste this back into a spreadsheet program and you can do reverse-order sorting.

Token-to-type converter:  takes in a text file and counts how many distinct (lines/words/symbols) there are. 

Minimal pair finder:  find all the minimal pairs in a dictionary file for any two sounds you specify.  Comes with an English file, but adaptable to other languages that have a phonetic dictionary.

English phonology searcher:  search for particular sequences, including sequences defined with natural classes.  Adaptable to other languages that have a phonetic dictionary.

The following three programs can be downloaded in one single batch, here.

Binner:  takes in a set of numbers, or number pairs, plus a set of "bins" (numerical ranges), and counts how many values there are in each bin.

Find compounts:  Find all strings in a list that are the concatenation of two other strings.

Combinator:  Forms all string combinations of a list of strings up to a certain length; for example, { a, b } and "3" gives {a, b, aa, ab, ba, bb, aaa, aab,aba, abb, baa, bab, bba, bbb }.

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