Sound Files of Examples

for:  Bruce Hayes and Abigail Kaun (1996) "The Role of Phonological Phrasing in Sung and Chanted Verse"
The Linguistic Review 13, 243-303

This paper has many examples in which a text is set against a metrical grid.  Many readers find it useful to hear the examples, so I have made recordings of myself chanting them, which can be downloaded from this page.

The sound files are in .wav format.  I believe most computers are set up to play such files without needing extra software. You can download software that plays .wav files on a Windows 95/98 computer from

You can download all the files at once, in zipped format, or you can download them individually by clicking on the links below.

All the Files

Click here for a zipped file, "" with all the examples.  (Use this if you have unzipping software on your computer.)

Click here for a self-extracting zipped file "hksound.exe" with all the example.  (Put it in the folder where you keep downloaded items, then open that folder and click on hksound.exe.)

The files are all named after the example number that appears in Hayes and Kaun (1996), e.g. 1.wav is the first file.

The Files One by One