Picture of Harold Torrence  Harold Torrence                                                                                                                                                                                           

  Associate Professor of Linguistics

  Dept. of Linguistics
  Los Angeles CA 90095-1543

  Email: htorrence@humnet.ucla.edu

  Office hours for Spring 2017:  TBA

  Office location:  TBA; inquire at 3125 Campbell Hall

Academic Interests

I am an associate professor in the UCLA Department of Linguistics, where I study the syntax and morphology of African and Native American languages, among other things.

Curriculum Vitae

You can view my curriculum vitae.

Some Recent Papers

"A Promotion Analysis of Wolof Clefts". To appear in Syntax.

"The Morpho-Syntax of Silent Wh-Expressions in Wolof". To appear in Natural Language and Linguistic Theory.

"Wolof Quantifiers". With Khady Tamba and Malte Zimmermann. To appear in the Handbook of Quantification in Natural Language.

"Free Relative Clauses in Two Mixtec Languages". With Ivano Caponigro and Carlos Cisneros. To appear in the International Journal of American Linguistics.

"The Morpho-Syntax of Wolof Clefts: Structure and Movement". To appear in The Structure of Clefts.

"Krachi Wh-In-Situ: A Question of Prosody". With Jason Kandybowicz. Submitted to Proceedings of WCCFL 2011.