Phonetically-Based Phonology

Edited by Bruce Hayes, Robert Kirchner, and Donca Steriade

This is the editors' Web site for the book Phonetically-Based Phonology,
published 2004 by Cambridge University Press.

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Contents and Abstracts

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1. Introduction: the phonetic basis of phonological markedness Bruce Hayes and Donca Steriade
2. A review of perceptual cues and cue robustness Richard Wright
3. A perception-based analysis of place assimilation Jongho Jun
4. Rounding harmony Abigail Kaun
5. The evolution of metathesis Juliette Blevins and Andrew Garrett
6. The role of language specific durational patterns in contour tone distribution Jie Zhang
7. Vowel reduction Katherine Crosswhite
8. Contrast and perceptual distinctiveness Edward Flemming
9. Syllable weight Matthew Gordon
10. Consonant lenition Robert Kirchner
11. Language processing and segmental OCP effects Stefan Frisch

Supplementary Materials

Chapter 10 (Robert Kirchner)  

Hasse diagram of postulated universal rankings of Lazy constraints.

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