Workshop Schedule

August 5, 2007 (Sunday)
Room: Building B3 1, Room - Hörsaal 2
, Saarland University

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:         Registration
8:50am-9:00am:         Introduction

Oral Session I  (chair: Janet Fletcher)

9:00am-9:30am          Carlos Gussenhoven and Renske Teeuw
                                    “A Moraic and a Syllabic H-tone in Yucatec
(abstract) (paper)

9:30am-10:00am        Shelome Gooden
                                    “Intonational Phonology of Jamaican Creole
(abstract) (paper)

10:00am-10:20am      Erin O'Rourke
                                    “Intonation in Quechua: Questions and Analysis
(abstract) (paper)

10:20am-10:40am       Discussion I (on data collection methodology)

10:40am-11:00am       Coffee Break

Poster Session I (11:00am-12:00pm)

1. Enbe & Tobin – “Intonation Patterns in Typical and Atypical Speech of Buenos Aires Spanish
(abstract)  (paper)

2. Jun, Vicenik, & Lofstedt – “Intonational Phonology of Georgian” (abstract) (poster)

3. McKendry – “Intonation and related aspects of Santo Domingo Nuxáa Mixtec (abstract) (poster)

4. Müller – “Intonation in Beaver Athapaskan: Preliminary Findings (abstract)  (paper)  

5. Pittayporn – “A Prosody of Final Particles in Thai: Interaction between Lexical Tones and Intonatin(abstract)  (poster)

6. Sadat-Tehrani – “The Intonational Grammar of Persian (abstract) (paper )

7. Szakos & Glavitsch – “Dialects or Idiolects? Using SpeechIndexer to document prosodies in endangered Austronesian languages (abstract)
8. Utsugi – “The interplay bewteen lexical and postlexical tonal phenomena and the prosodic structure in Masan/Changwon Korean” (abstract ) (paper)



12:00pm-1:30pm         Lunch on campus

Oral Session 2  (chair: Carlos Gussenhoven)

1:30pm-2:00pm           Janet Fletcher
                                     “Intonation in Dalabon
(abstract) (paper)

          Sam Hellmuth, Frank Kügler, & Ruth Singer

                                     “Tonal Alignment and Focus in Mawng (abstract) (paper)

2:20pm-2:50pm           Laura Downing
                                     “Focus prosody divorced from stress and intonation in Chichewa, Chitumbuka and Durban Zulu
(abstract) (paper )

2:50pm-3:10pm           Coffee Break

Poster Session II  (3:10pm-4:10pm)          
1. El-Zarka – “Rising and falling accents and the interaction of pragmatics and prosody in Egyptian Arabic
(abstract) (poster

2. Green & Tobin – “Intonation in Hebrew-speaking Children with High-Functioning Autism: A Case Study (abstract) (paper)

3. Hirst, Ali, Chentir, Cho, Nesterenko, & Rauzy – “The AANVIS project (abstract)

4. Jannedy – “Aspects of Prosody in Vietnamese (abstract)
5. Jannedy & Fiedler – “Qualitative Exploration of Ewe Focus Prosody

6. Khan – “Phrasing and Focus in Bengali (abstract) (paper)

7. Moraes – “Intonational Phonology of Brazilian Portuguese (abstract) (poster)

8. Vella - “Maltese (abstract) (paper)


Oral Session 3  (chair: Sun-Ah Jun)

4:15pm-4:45pm           Elinor Keane
                                      “Investigating the Intonational Phonology of Tamil
(abstract) (handout)

4:45pm-5:05pm           Anja Arnhold
                                      “Intonation and Focus in West Greenlandic
(abstract) (paper) (handout)

5:05pm-5:35pm           Yosuke Igarashi
                                      “Typology of prosodic phrasing in Japanese dialects
(abstract) (paper)


5:35pm-6:00pm           Discussion II & Closing



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