Linguistics 103: Introduction to General Phonetics

Electromagnetic articulography at UCLA

       Prof. Bruce Hayes
Department of Linguistics

2101G Campbell Hall

       Practice material
Term paper project manual
Phonetic charts (with sound files)
Hints on using Wavesurfer
Peter Ladefoged's teaching site (real-language examples)


This version of the page is for my fall 2013 offering of the course.  

Schedule of Readings and Assignments

in reverse chronological order; newest first

Week 10

Mon. December 2

Sign up for oral final if you haven’t already—electronic signup on this page 
Read manual, chaps. 14, 15, 16
Paper due Monday 12/9 at 5:00 (office 2101G or mailbox—3125 Campbell).  Slightly late ok if alternative is a traffic accident! 
        please include Xerox of source (not more than 10 pages) with your hard copy
        Please also upload two things to this site        
            digital copy (doc format not pdf)
            sound file
In-class final Wed. 12/4:  like quizzes, but questions from Rogers too (read your notes, text)
Sections will be held Friday:  final review for production exam.

Week 9

Wed. November 27

Next quiz:  English allophones.  To prepare, download the course handout from today (if you missed) and study with this sound file (all examples).  More practice on allophones available here.

Read the text, Chapter 6.  At this point you should have read the whole thing.

By the end of today you should have a recording for your term project.  Study Chapter 13 of the manual for transcribing your recording, Chaps. 14-15 for how to write the paper.

Please visit this page and sign up for a slot for the final production exam (Dec. 10-11).  Please contact me if you need a time outside the normal slots.

Mon. November 25

At the end of today we will have covered everything.  You can listen to me saying all the sounds by visiting these sites:  vowels, consonants, tones

Wednesday will be a bit on English allophones and dialects, plus practice and review.  No quiz.

The last course requirements will be:
     the in-class final, Wed. 12/4.  Like the quizzes only longer.  I may repeat a lot of questions.
    Term project, due Monday 12/9  
    An individual production exam given by appointment in my office Wed. 12/11 and Thurs. 12/12.  I will circulate a signup sheet.

No sections Friday, Thanksgiving holiday.

Wed. November 20

I will be away (Italy, back Monday) and Michael will teach the class from my notes.

Week 8

Wed. November 20

I will be away (Italy, back Monday) and Michael will teach the class from my notes.

Quiz for next time:  transcribe ejectives and implosives, plus a couple of general transcriptions.  You can practice here.

Mon. November 18

This is the start of recording period, so be sure you have a plan.  Reread chapter 12 of the term project manual; sign up for the booth here or borrow a mike in Campbell 3125.

As soon as you have a recording done, read Chapter 12 of the term project manual on how to transcribe it.

Mac users:  here is a version of Wavesurfer for you.

Take a quick look here to see vocal fold vibration in slow motion.

Visit here and look at the examples of creaky and breathy voice they have.

Quiz for next time: 
     Voiced, voiceless unaspirated, aspirated stops.  You can practice here.
     Read a multiple-choice spectrogram.  You can practice here

Week 7

Wed. November 13

Homework #4 is due Monday 11/18 in class. You can get it on line here.

Quiz for next time: questions on Rogers Chapters 7 and 8, including some spectrogram reading. To prepare, reread Rogers, read over the official acoustic phonetics curriculum handout (given out in class), and you can also visit here for practice.

Reading: Rogers Chapters 12 and 13.

Term project:  Next week is recording week. Study the handout on making recordings (now part of the term project manual), and signup for a recording time here. You should have gotten your commented word list back from me; look over the comments and revise accordingly before you record.

Week 6

Wed. November 6

Current reading:  Rogers 7 and 8.  Next up is 12.
Study Chap. 12 of term paper manual — about recordings
Sign up for a recording time — from this web site
Next quiz:  more general dictations, calculate an F0 from waveform. 
Draft word list is due Mon. 11/11.  Please either hand it in early, or email it to me, or hand in before 10 the next day.

Recording information

Main source of information:  study Chap. 12 of term paper manual .

Sign up for a recording time — from this web site

Staff who can help you with your recording:

During business hours, the backup-help person is Mr. Henry Tehrani, the Phonetics Lab technician.  His office is in 2101F Campbell Hall, the same floor as the booth. 
Available hours:  8:30 to 5 daily; except not after 2:30 on 11/26. You can find him in person or give him a call at 310 825-5527.

If you want to do a recording outside of business hours, the backup helper is the Phonetics Lab’s undergraduate assistant, Ms. Irene Chou.  Irene can also let you into the building.  You have to contact her in advance; email Available hours:  Tuesdays and Thursdays after 6; Monday: after 3; Wednesday after 1; Friday: after 2.  “Weekends I am pretty much available any time.”

Mon. November 4

Homework #3 due on Wednesday Nov. 6.  Sound files are at
Read:  Rogers Chapters 7 and 8
Read:  term project manual, Chapter 11, on word lists
Draft word list is due Mon. 11/11
Quiz next time:  all tones, stress, length

Week 5

Wed. October 30

Mon. 11/11 hand in draft word list—work with speaker.  See manual Chap. 11 for guidance.
Homework #3 due on Wednesday Nov. 6.  Sound files are at
Term paper recordings 8th week.  (This is end of 5th week.)  Signup sheet will be passed around soon; ask me if you need to do it early.
Read:  We’ll soon be doing acoustics; ch. 8-9 Rogers
Quiz next time:  study tones; practice at

Mon. October 28

Read:  Rogers chapter 14. Feel free to stop at page 280; he digresses into phonology at this point.
Read:  term paper manual Chapter 11, How to Prepare Your Word List
Work on your word list; draft list due Mon. 11/11.  Work with your speaker.
Quiz next time:  more vowels and secondary articulations.  Study vowels on the web:
     Vowel and secondary-articulation links from:

Week 4

Wed. October 23

R:  Rogers chapters so far:  1-4, 9-11
R:  new chapter 10 of manual:  Linguist and consultant.  You can either read the hard copy handed out in class or download it.
Quiz next time:  vowel symbols and vowel-pair or vowel-triplet dictations. 
     To prepare, visit
     Also, you can listen to the cardinal vowels on Peter Ladefoged's web site:
Preliminary report (< one page) is due next class, Mon. 10/28
     identify speaker
     identify reference source
     explain how you will get minimal set and allophones
     ask questions

Mon. October 21

Read:   Rogers chap. 9
Read:  today’s handout on finding allophones
Preliminary report (< one page) is due Mon. 10/28.  Ingredients of your report:  identify speaker, identify reference source, explain how you will get minimal sets and allophones, ask me questions
Quiz next time:  all IPA consonants; study by visiting this page and this page and this page.

Week 3

Wed. October 16
Read:  Rogers Chapter 11.
Look for speaker and reference source—come see me to get your book vetted.
Quiz next time:  any consonants (symbol, description, dictation).  Study by visiting this page and this page and this page.

Mon. October 14
Visit this page, listen to the real-life versions of the sounds we're working on.  Do a bit of exploring.
Read:  the term paper manual, chapters 1-7
Look for speaker and reference source.
Term paper progress report due Mon. 10/28
Quiz next time.  All consonant symbols taught so far, and dictations.  Study by visiting this page and this page and this page.

Week 2

Wed. October 9

Homework #2 due in class Mon. Oct. 14.  Web page (including download for homework itself) is here.
Read Chap. 10 of Rogers
Look for speaker and reference source.  Preliminary report is due Mon.10/28.
Quiz next time:  know all symbols taught this class (study in Rogers), more English dictations from
Optional:  firm up your phonology by reading this chapter from Hayes's phonology textbook.

Mon. October 7

Homework #2 due in class Mon. Oct. 14.  Web page (including download for homework itself) is here.
Read Chap. 4 of the text
Quiz next time:  about pp. 44-47 of text
Find term project language and speaker

Week 1

Wed. October 2

Read text:  Chap. 3
Re-read the term paper assignment. Note that this is Chapter 2 of the term project manual, which you can download from the link near at the top of this page.  I'll keep updating the Manual through the course.
Homework #1 due Friday 10/4 in section
5-min. quiz Monday:  study the first 20 items here.  I'll select from them for dictation.  Also, know all the terms on p. 39 of your text.
Hunt for a term project speaker.  You can look at Chapter 3 of the Manual for hints.

September 30syllabus, first homework, sign up sheet

Read text:  Chaps. 1-2 for next time.
5-min. quiz Wed.  Study on this page
Start hunting for a project speaker.

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