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UCLA Phonetics Lab participates in 2013 Bruin Day

Published: April 16, 2013

Pat Keating writes:

On Saturday April 14, the Phonetics Lab (including the Infant Language Lab) participated in Bruin Day by offering an open house “tour”.  Bruin Day is for students who have been admitted to UCLA and their families to visit the campus and decide whether to enroll at UCLA for their undergraduate studies. We offered four activities in the lab: an explanation of the Headturn Preference Procedure testing room and a video of a real infant subject tested there; a demo of an eyetracker perception experiment; hands-on experience of our physiological equipment for oral air pressure and electroglottography; and spectrograms of the visitors’ voices, including a printed souvenir to take home.

Thanks to everyone who showed up to help out, and made it a great success: Megha Sundara, Robyn Orfitelli, and Sun-Ah Jun (faculty and staff), Jason Bishop, Adam Chong, Marc Garellek, and Jianjing Kuang (grad students), and especially Loura Derro, Malone Dunlavy, Angelica Gonzalez, Yoo Kyung Kang, Michael Paul, Alice Twu, and Helen Yuan (undergrad students). After the event we all posed for a photo next to the very professional-looking sign that the Bruin Day organizers displayed outside Campbell Hall.IMG_0811