Room Reservation Request

UCLA Linguistics offers department rooms for use in conducting university and student affairs. Please review our available rooms and policies below before completing a reservation request.

Linguistics Room and Space Use Policies

  • Please see the room calendars below before submitting a reservation request.
  • Room reservations are not guaranteed and are subject to availability and approval. Linguistics Department classes and events will have priority.
  • All event hosts and guests must adhere to current COVID-19 protocols for indoor events.
  • Food and drink items require pre-approval from the Department. If approved, items are allowed only if tablecloths are used.
    • One UCLA Linguistics-branded table cloth may be requested (department affiliated events only; non-department affiliates must supply their own). Food may not be placed on this table cloth.
    • Lightweight items may be attached to tablecloths using removable tape or safety pins only.
  • Where applicable, kitchenette spaces will be available with the coordinating room during the reserved time only. 
  • Those reserving the room will be responsible for cleaning and organizing the room prior to the end of the event. The room must be reset and left in the condition at which it was entered.  
  • For rooms reserved during our normal hours (Monday-Friday, 8:00 AM-5:00 PM), you will be required to go to the main Linguistics office in Campbell 3125 no more than 15 minutes before the start of your reservation to be let into the room. 
  • Rooms reserved outside of our business hours will also require a Key Request Form. Please note that lost keys are subject to a $10 fee. 

For questions, please contact the Linguistics Department at