Xeroxing policy

In effect now (10/3/14), and until changing priorities intervene.

  1. Everyone who uses the 3rd floor Xerox machine, either for copying or for use as a printer, must have a code which they enter to get the machine to start.  The Department Coordinator can give you a code.
  2. If you are teaching:  faculty please use your teaching code; grad students, please get the code for the course you are TAing or teaching and use it for teaching during the current quarter.
  3. Xeroxing and printing for research:  everyone, including graduate students, is issued a code for this purpose.  At present there is no official upper limit. We do watch over your usage and might intervene if it became very large.
  4. The Xerox machine also scans, and can send the resulting PDF file to you by email.
  5. Personal Xeroxing/printing:  this is forbidden, though of course people do it. If you do engage in personal copying or printing please keep track of your usage and pay the cost from time to time — 6 cents per page —to the Department Coordinator.
  6. Other department printers, e.g. in the laboratories:  obtain paper for them from the Xerox room.  Department pays for toner.
  7. The department makes no official recommendation on saving trees but does offer this information:  (1) Current usage is about 80 cartons of paper per year (800 reams, 400000 sheets).  (2) Our equipment has paper-saving capabilities:  reduction, double-sided printing, scanning.