Ph.D. Recipients

These are the Ph.D. Degrees awarded since 1965 through the Department of Linguistics at UCLA

The Ph.D.s are listed in reverse chronological order since 1965. To find particular names, please use the search box located at the top of this page.

NameCurrent PositionDissertation
Sozen OzkanWord Order and Information Structure in Turkish
Iara Mantenuto
Daniela Culinovic2020 Second position’ revisited: a uniformly syntactic account of ‘split’ predicates
Nikos AngelopoulosPost-doctoral Researcher, Katholieke Universiteit (KU) Leuven2019 (Hilda Koopman, Chair), Dominique Sportiche (co-chair) Complementizers and Prepositions as Probes: Insights from Greek
Eleanor GlewweMellon Post-doctoral fellow, Grinnell College2019 (Professor Kie Ross Zuraw, Chair) Bias in Phonotactic Learning: Experimental Studies of Phonotactic Implicationals
John GluckmanAssistant Professor at The University of Kansas2019 (Dominique Sportiche) Perspectives on Syntactic Dependencies
Isabelle LinStudent, L’Ecole Cesan, Paris2019 co-chairs were (Kie Zuraw and Megha Sundara) Functional Load, Perception, and the Learning of Phonological Alernations
Meng YangAcademic Consultant at BeMo Academic Consulting Inc.2019 (Patricia Keating & Megha Sundara, Co-Chairs) Cue Integration and Contrast Shifts: Experimental and Typological Studies
Nicoletta LoccioniLecturer in Linguistics at UCLA2018 (Tim Stowell, Chair) Getting “the most” out of Romance
Jesse ZymetLecturer in Linguistics at UC Berkeley2018 (Bruce Hayes & Kie Zuraw, Co-Chairs) Lexical Propensities in Phonology: Corpus and Experimental Evidence, Grammar, and Learning
Ann M. AlySenior UX Researcher at Agile Six Applications, Inc., Baltimore, Maryland2017 (Sun Ah Jun, Chair) Prosodic Effects of Code-Switching in Spanish-Basque Bilinguals
Adam J. ChongLecturer (Asst Prof) in Linguistics, Queen Mary University of London2017 (Kie Ross Zuraw & Megha Sundara, Co-Chairs) On the Relation Between Phonotactic Learning and Alternation Learning
Meaghan FowlieAssistant Professor at Linguistics Dept. of Universiteit Utrecht in The Netherlands2017 (Edward P. Stabler, Chair) Slaying the Great Green Dragon: Learning and Modelling Iterable Ordered Optional Adjuncts
Michael L. LefkowitzMember of Technical Staff, Apprente2017 (Bruce P. Hayes, Chair) Maxent Harmonic Grammars and Phonetic Duration
Yu TanakaAssistant Professor, Doshisha University, Kyoto, Japan2017 (Kie Ross Zuraw & Bruce P. Hayes, Co-Chairs) The Sound Pattern of Japanese Surnames
Ann (Niki) M. AckerLinguistics Project Manager, Google via Adecco2016 (Pamela Munro, Chair) Voice and Valence in Q’anjob ‘al
Natalia (Natasha) KorotkovaPost-doctoral researcher, University of Tübingen, and University of Konstanz2016 (Yael Sharvit & Dominique Sportiche, Co-Chairs) Heterogeneity and Uniformity in the Evidential Domain
Victoria E. Mateu MartinAssistant Professor of Hispanic Linguistics at the UCLA Dept. of Spanish & Portuguese2016 (Nina Hyams, Chair) Intervention Effects in the Acquisition of Raising and Control: Evidence from English and Spanish
Jos L. TellingsPost-doctoral researcher, Utrecht University2016 (Jessica Rett & Yael Sharvit, Co-Chairs) Counterfactuality in Discourse
Lauren WinansInsights Manager, Siegel+Gale (formerly Lecturer, USC)2016 (Jessica Rett & Yael Sharvit, Co-Chairs) Inferences of “will”
Dustin BowersVisiting Scholar, University of Arizona (formerly Post-doctoral fellow, University of Alberta, Canada)2015 (Bruce Hayes & Kie Zuraw, co-chairs) A system for morphophonological learning and its consequences for language change
Joe BuffingtonAssistant Professor Law, Albany Law School2015 (Tim Stowell & Yael Sharvit, co-chairs) The logical form of contract formation
Yun Jung KimLecturer, Emory University, Atlanta2015 (Megha Sundara, chair) 6-month-olds’ segmentation and representation of morphologically complex words
Jun YashimaLecturer, (Asst. Prof), Senshu University, Tokyo2015 (Dominique Sportiche, chair) Antilogophoricity: In conspiracy with the Binding theory
Byron AhnAssistant Professor, Program in Linguistics, Princeton University2015 (Sun-Ah Jun and Dominique Sportiche, co-chairs) Giving reflexivity a voice
Melanie J. BervoetsData Scientist at TD, Toronto, Canada2014 (Yael Sharvit, chair) On opining: modal verbs, dispositions, free choice, and negation
Laura KalinAssistant Professor, Program in Linguistics, Princeton University2014 (Anoop Mahajan, chair) Aspect and argument licensing in Neo-Aramaic
Laura E. McPhersonAssistant Professor, Dartmouth College2014 (Bruce Hayes and Russ Schuh, co-chairs) Replacive grammatical tone in the Dogon languages
Kaeli WardAnalyst, Strategy & Business Management, BMO Capital Markets2014 (Yael Sharvit, chair) Backtracking and have to: Maintaining a unified analysis of conditionals
Craig W. SailorPost-doctoral researcher, CASTL, University of Tromsø, (Formerly Teaching Assoc, Cambridge Univ., UK)2014 (Tim Stowell, chair) The variables of VP ellipsis
Jason B. BishopAssistant Professor, CUNY Graduate Center2013 (Sun-Ah Jun, chair) Prenuclear Accentuation in English: Phonetics, Phonology, and Information Structure
Mark GarellekAssociate Professor, University of California, San Diego2013 (Patricia Keating, chair) Production and Perception of Glottal Stops
Thomas GrafAssistant Professor, Stony Brook University2013 (Edward Stabler, chair) Local and Transderivational Constraints in Syntax and Semantics
Jianjing KuangAssistant Professor, University of Pennsylvania2013 (Patricia Keating, chair) Phonation in Tonal Contrasts
Chen Hsiu (Grace) KuoAssistant Professor, National Taiwan University2013 (Patricia Keating, Chair) Boundaries and the Taiwanese Tone Sandhi Group
Nancy A. WardChild Language2013 (Megha Sundara, chair)The role of Modality and Register in Imitation by Adults and Children
James C. WhiteLecturer (Assoc. Prof), University College, London2013 (Bruce Hayes and Megha Sundara, co-chairs) Bias in Phonological Learning: Evidence from Saltation
Natasha AbnerAssistant Professor, University of Michigan2012 (Hilda Koopman and Edward Stabler, co-chairs) There Once Was a Verb: The Predicative Core of Possessive and Nominalization Structures in American Sign Language
Heather BurnettUniversite Paris Diderot-Paris 72012 (Edward Keenan and Dominique Sportiche, co-chairs) The Grammar of Tolerance: On vagueness, context-sensitivity and the origin of scale structure
Isabelle CharnavelAssociate Professor, Harvard University2012 (Dominique Sportiche, chair) On her own – Parsimonious Compositionality: Probing syntax and semantics with French propre
Denis PapernoAssistant Professor, Utrecht University2012 (Edward Keenan, chair) Semantics and Syntax of Non-Standard Coordination
Robyn OrfitelliLecturer (Asst. Prof), University of Sheffield, UK2012, Nina Hyams, chair) Argument Intervention in the Acquisition of A-movement
B.R. GeorgeAssistant Professor (Dept. of Philosophy)2011 (Jessica Rett, chair) Question Embedding and the Semantics of Answers
Kevin RyanProfessor and Chair, Harvard University2011 (Bruce Hayes and Kie Zuraw, co-chairs) Gradient Weight in Phonology
Victoria ThatteAdjunct Instructor at Grossmont College, San Diego2011 (Bruce Hayes and Megha Sundara, co-chairs) Infant Phonotactic Learning
Chad VicenikPhysics Teacher, St Dunstan’s College, London2011 (Megha Sundara, chair) The Role of Intonation in Language Discrimination by Infants and Adults
Kristine YuAssistant Professor, U. Mass., Amherst2011 (Edward Stabler and Megha Sundara, co-chairs) The Learnability of Tones From the Speech Signal
Vincent HomerAssistant Professor, University of Massachusetts, Amherst2010 (Dominique Sportiche and Philippe Schlenker, co-chairs) Polarity and Modality
Roy Becker- KristalStaff Researcher, DigiSpeech, Herzliya, Israel2010 (Bruce Hayes and Megha Sundara, co-chairs) Acoustic typology of vowel inventories
Tomoko IshizukaAssociate Professor, Aoyama Gakuin University, Japan2010 (Hilda Koopman, chair) Toward a Unified Analysis of Passives in Japanese:A Cartographic Minimalist Approach
Benjamin KeilResearcher, Google2010 (Marcus Kracht, chair) Generating Descriptions of Motion From Cognitive Representation
Ji Eun KimAssistant Professor, University of Ulsan, Korea2010 (Sun-Ah Jun and Russell Schuh, co-chairs) The Generation of Implicit Propositions in “Alleged” Korean Topics
Ingvar LofstedtPhonology2010 (Bruce Hayes and Kie Zuraw, co-chairs) Phonetic Effects in Swedish Phonology: Allomorphy and Paradigms
Lawrence Yam-Leung CheungAssociate Professor, Chinese University of Hong Kong2008 (Daniel Büring and Anoop Mahajan, co-chairs) The Negative Wh-Construction
Molly ShilmanHead of Research and Content, Consumer Financial Service Corporation2008 (Sun-Ah Jun, chair) On the Question of Accent Domains in English
Heather WilsonFormerly Assistant Professor, Brigham Young University2008 (Anoop Mahajan, chair) Subject Positions in Marshallese
Reiko OkabeAssociate Professor, Nihon University, Japan2008 (Nina Hyams, chair) Child Causatives: Acquisition of Bi-clausal Structures in Japanese
Sameer ud Dowla KhanAssociate Professor and Chair, Reed College2008 (Sun-Ah Jun, chair) Intonational Phonology and Focus Prosody of Bengali
Leonard Chacha MwitaFaculty member at Kenyatta University, Nairobi, Kenya2008, Russell Schuh, chair) Verbal Tone in Kuria
Kuniko NielsenAssociate Professor, Oakland University, Michigan2008 (Patricia Keating and Colin Wilson, co-chairs) Word-level and Feature-level Effects in Phonetic Imitation
Katrina (Katie) TangAdjunct Faculty, U. North Dakota2008 (Russell Schuh and Kie Zuraw, co-chairs) The Phonology and Phonetics of Consonant-Tone Interaction
David SchuelerResearch Linguist (Independent Contractor at Codeq LLC)2008 (Daniel Büring, chair) The Syntax and Semantics of Implicit Conditionals: Filling in the Antecedent
Katya PertsovaAssociate Professor, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill2007 (Edward Stabler, chair) Learning From Meaning Mappings in Presence of Homonym: a linguistically motivated model for learning inflection
Andrew MartinAssociate Professor, Konan University, Kobe, Japan2007 (Kie Zuraw, chair) The Evolving Lexicon
Nathan KlinedinstLecturer (Asst. Prof), University College, London2007 (Philippe Schlenker, chair) Plurality and Possibility
Jeffrey HeinzProfessor, Stony Brook University2007 (Edward Stabler and Kie Zuraw, co-chairs) Inductive Learning of Phonotactic Patterns
Shabnam ShademanSenior Project Manager, Deep 6 AI2007 (Susan Curtiss and Bruce Hayes, co-chairs) Grammar and Analogy in Phonotactic Well-Formedness Judgments
Greg KobeleProfessor, University of Leipzig, Formerly Asst. Professor, Univ. of Chicago2006 (Edward Stabler, chair). Generating Copies: An Investigation into Structural Identity in Language and Grammar
Jill GilkersonLanguage Research Director, LENA Foundation, Boulder CO2006 (Nina Hyams, chair) Acquiring English Particle Verbs: Age and Transfer Effects in Second Language Acquistion
Dimitrios NtelitheosAssociate Professor, United Arab Emirates University2006 (Hilda Koopman, chair) The Morphosyntax Of Nominalizations: A Case Study
Christina EspositoAssociate Professor & Chair, Macalester College, St. Paul. MN2006 (Patricia Keating, chair). The Effects of Linguistic Experience on the Perception of Phonation
Brook LillehaugenAssociate Professor, Haverford College, Chair of Linguistics at Haverford College2006 (Pamela Munro, chair). Expressing Location in Tlacolula Valley Zapotec.
John ForemanAssociate Professor, The University of Texas, Rio Grande Valley2006 (Pamela Munro and Tim Stowell, co-chairs). The Morphosyntax of Subjects in Macuiltianguis Zapotec
Jason KandybowiczAssociate Professor, CUNY Graduate Center2006 (Hilda Koopman, chair). Conditions on Multiple Copy Spell-Out and the Syntax Phonology Interface.
Timothy Arbisi KelmSenior Res Assoc, Boys Town National Research Hospital 2005, Sun-Ah Jun, chair) An Intonational Analysis of Disfluency Patterns in Stuttering
Eric JacksonLinguist, SIL International2005 (Pamela Munro, chair) Resultatives, Derived Statives, and Lexical Semantic Structure
Heidi Fleishhacker MacBrideFormerly Data Engineer, Factual Inc.2005 (Bruce Hayes and Donca Steriade, co-chairs) Similarity in Phonology: Evidence from Reduplication and Loan Adaptation
Harold TorrenceAssociate Professor, UCLA (Prev. Univ. of Kansas)2005 (Hilda Koopman, chair) On the Distribution of Complementizers in Wolof
Leston BuellTranslator and Linguist, Amsterdam2005 (Hilda Koopman, chair) Issues in Zulu Verbal Morphosyntax
Ying LinMathematics Instructor, Santa Rosa Junior College2005 (Patricia Keating and Edward Stabler, co-chairs) Learning Features and Segments from Waveforms: A Statistical Model of Early Phonological Acquisition
Dan AlbroSoftware Engineer, Google (Deceased)2005 (Edward Stabler, chair) Studies in Computational Optimality Theory, With Special Reference to the Phonological System of Malagasy
Rebecca ScarboroughAssociate Professor, University of Colorado, Boulder2005 (Patricia Keating, chair) Coarticulation and the Structure of the Lexicon
Haiyong LiuAssociate Professor, Wayne State UniversitySeptember 2004 (Anoop Mahajan and Tim Stowell, co-chairs) Complex Predicates in Mandarin Chinese: Three Types of Bu-Yu Structures
Jason RiggleAssociate Professor, University of Chicago2004 (Edward Stabler, chair) Generation, Recognition, and Learning in Finite State Optimality Theory
Sahyang KimProfessor, Hongik University, Seoul, Korea2004 (Sun-Ah Jun, chair) The role of prosodic phrasing in Korean word segmentation
Heriberto AvelinoProfessor, I.N. de Antropologia e Historia, Mexico (prev. Max Planck Inst, Leipzig2004 (Pamela Munro, chair) Topics in Yala´lag Zapotec, with particular reference to its phonetic structures
Alex MacBrideAnalytical Linguist, GoogleDecember 2003 (Bruce Hayes and Donca Steriade, co-chairs) A Constraint-Based Approach to Morphology
Ivano CaponigroAssociate Professor, UCSD (San Diego)June 2003 (Daniel Büring, chair) Free Not to Ask: On the Semantics of Free Relatives and Wh-Words Cross-linguistically
Gianluca StortoTechnical Program Manager, GoogleJune 2003 (Daniel Büring, chair) Possessives in Context: Issues in the Semantics of Possessive Constructions
Masangu MatonadoAssistant Professor, University of FloridaJune 2003 (Tom Hinnebusch and Donca Steriade, co-chairs) Tone and Prosodic Morphology in Kisukuma
Mary BaltazaniLecturer & Researcher, Oxford University, formerly tenured Asst. Prof., Univ. of Ioannina, GreeceOctober 2002 (Sun-Ah Jun, chair) Quantifier Scope and the Role of Intonation in Greek
Adam AlbrightProfessor, MITJune 2002 (Bruce Hayes and Donca Steriade, co-chairs) The Identification of Bases in Morphological Paradigms
Melissa EpsteinIRB Director, Albert Einstein College of MedicineMay 2002 (Pat Keating and Jody Kreiman, co-chairs) Voice Quality and Prosody in English
Brenda Joyce-ClarkAfrican LinguisticsDecember 2001 (Anoop Mahajan, chair) Noun Classifiers
Stefano VegnaduzzoSenior Vice President, Data Science, Integral Ad ScienceOctober 2001 (Ed Keenan, chair) A Partition Semantics for Temporal Adverbs
Henk HarkemaAI Research Scientist, Samsung ElectronicsSeptember 2001 (Ed Stabler, chair) Parsing Minimalist Languages
Taehong ChoProfessor, Hanyang University, KoreaAugust 2001 (Pat Keating and Sun-Ah Jun, co-chairs) Effects of Prosody on Articulation in English
Christina ForemanSpeech-Language Pathologist, West Hartford (Ct) Public SchoolsAugust 2001 (Sun-Ah Jun, chair) The Use of Contrastive Focus by High-Functioning Children with Autism
Edward GarrettResearcher Asst, School of Oriental and African Studies, London, UKJanuary 2001 (Carson Schutze and Dominique Sportiche, co-chairs) Evidentiality and Assertion in Tibetan
Jie ZhangProfessor, University of KansaJune 2001 (Donca Steriade, chair)The Effects of Duration and Sonority on Contour Tone Distribution--Typological Survey and Formal Analysis
J. Matt PearsonProfessor, Reed CollegeDecember 2000 (Ed Keenan and Timothy Stowell, co-chairs) “The Clause Structure of Malagasy: A Minimalist Approach”
Victoria AndersonAssociate Professor, University of Hawai’iAugust 2000 (Peter Ladefoged and Ian Maddieson, co-chairs)”Giving Weight to Phonetic Principles: The Case of Place of Articulation in Western Arrente”
Misha BeckerProfessor & Chair, University of North Carolina, Chapel HillAugust 2000 (Nina Hyams and Ed Stabler, co-chairs)"The Development of the Copula in Child English: The Lightness of Be"
Peter HallmanPrincipal Investigator, Austrian Research Inst for AIAugust 2000 (Dominique Sportiche, chair) “The Structure of Predicates: Interactions of Derivation, Case and Quantification”
Marco BaroniFacebook AI Research & Professor, Univ. de Pompeu Fabra, BarcelonaJuly 2000 (Bruce Hayes, chair) “Distributional Cues in Morpheme Discovery: A Computational Model and Empirical Evidence”
Alhaji Maina GimbaProfessor, University of Maiduguri, NigeriaJune 2000 (Russ Schuh, chair) “Topics in Bole Verb Morphology”
Kie Ross ZurawProfessor, UCLAJune 2000 (Donca Steriade and Bruce Hayes, co-chairs) “Patterned Exceptions in Phonology”
Katherine CrosswhiteDecember, 1999 (Bruce Hayes, chair)"Vowel Reduction in Optimality Theory"
Sean FulopAssociate Professor, California State University, FresnoJuly 1999 (Ed Stabler, chair) “On the Logic and Learning of Language”
Matthew GordonProfessor and Chair, UCSB (Santa Barbara)1999 (Bruce Hayes, chair) “Syllable Weight: Phonetics, Phonology and Typology”
Kimberly Thomas-VilakatiSan Bernardino City Unified School DistrictJune 1999 (Tom Hinnebusch and Ian Maddieson, co-chairs) “Coproduction and Coarticulation in Isizulu Clicks”
Felicia LeeFreelance Writer and EditorJune 1999 (Tim Stowell and Pam Munro, co-chairs) “Antisymmetry and the Syntax in San Lucas Quiavini Zapotec”
Harold CrookProfessor, Lewis-Clark State College1999 (Donca Steriade and Pam Munro, co-chairs) “The Phonology and Morphology of Nez Perce Stress”
Kelly StackFaculty Support Specialist, UCSC (Santa Cruz)1999 (Susie Curtiss, chair) “Innovation by a Child Acquiring Signing Exact English II”
Mari SakaguchiFaculty Member, Notre Dame Seishin University1998 (Tim Stowell, chair) “Distributivity in English and Japanese”
Susan Hess1998 (Pat Keating and Ian Maddieson, co-chairs) “Pharyngeal Articulations”
Robert KirchnerAssociate Professor, University of Alberta1998; Donca Steriade, chair) “An Effort-Based Approach to Consonant Lenition”
Manuel Espanol-EchevarriaProfessor, Laval University, Quebec1998 (Tim Stowell, chair) “The Syntax of Purposive Expressions”
Barbara Blankenship1997 (Pat Keating, chair) “The Time Course of Breathiness and Laryngealization in Vowels”
Brian C. PotterSept. 1997 (Dominique Sportiche and Pam Munro, co-chairs) “Wh/Indefinites and the Structure of the Clause in Western Apache”
Javier J. Gutierrez Rexach1997 (Ed Keenan, chair) “Quantification, Context Dependence, and Generalized Minimalist Grammer: Studies on the Interpretation of Clitic Proforms and Existential Determiners in Spanish”
Margaret R. MacEachernJuly 1997 (Donca Steriade, chair) “Laryngeal Cooccurrence Restrictions”
Jeannette C. SchaefferJan. 1997 (Nina Hyams, chair) “Direct Object Scrambling in Dutch and Italian Child Language”
Richard A. Wright
Professor, U. of Washington, Seattle
Aug. 1996 (Patricia Keating, chair) “Consonant Clusters and Cue Preservation in Tsou”
Deogratias S. NgonyaniAug. 1996 (Hilda Koopman, chair)"The Morphosyntax of Applicatives"
Roderic F. CasaliMay 1996; Donca Steriade, chair) “Resolving Hiatus”
Murat KuralMay 1996 (Tim Stowell, chair) “Verb Incorporation and Elementary Predicates”
Tomiko HayashiMarch 1996 (Paul Schachter, chair) “The Syntactic and Semantic Structures of Complex Predicate Constructions in Japanese”
Michael P. DukesJan. 1996 (Ed Keenan, chair) “On the Nonexistence of Anaphors and Pronominals in Tongan”
Nhlanhla L. ThwalaDec. 1995 (Dominique Sportiche and Tim Stowell, co-chairs) “A Generative Grammar of Si-Swati: Morphology and Syntax of Nouns and Verbs”
Dorit Ben-ShalomDec. 1995 (Ed Keenan and Ed Stabler, co-chairs) “Semantic Trees”
Michael A. NkemnjiDec. 1995 (Hilda Koopman and Russ Schuh, co-chairs) “Heavy Pied-Piping in Nweh”
Stephen M. AdewoleSept. 1995 (Russ Schuh, chair) “Yoruba Word Formation Processes”
Tetsuya SanoSept. 1995 (Nina Hyams, chair) “Roots in Language Acquisition: A Comparative Study of Japanese and European Languages”
Lawan Danladi YalwaAug. 1995 ("Issues in the Syntax of Hausa Complementation"Russ Schuh, chair)
Filippo BeghelliAug. 1995 (Anna Szabolcsi, chair) “The Phrase Structure of Quantifier Scope”
Susan L. Banner InouyeJuly 1995 (Patricia Keating, chair) “Trills, Taps, and Stops in Contrast and Variation”
Edward S. FlemmingAssociate Professor, MIT, BostonJune 1995; Donca Steriade, chair)"Auditory Representations in Phonology"
Robert E. HagiwaraAssistant Professor, U. ManitobaJuly 1995 (Peter Ladefoged, chair) “Acoustic Realizations of American /r/ as Produced by Women and Men”
Bonny E. SandsJuly 1995 (Ian Maddieson and Tom Hinnebusch, co-chairs) “Evaluating Claims of Distant Linguistic Relationships: The Case of Khoisan”
Daniel D. SilvermanJuly 1995 (Donca Steriade, chair)"Phasing and Recoverability"
Aaron M. ShryockJuly 1995 (Russ Schuh and Ian Maddieson, co-chairs) “Investigating Laryngeal Contrasts: An Acoustic Study of the Consonants of Musey”
Abigail R. KaunMay 1995 (Bruce Hayes, chair) “The Typology of Rounding Harmony: An Optimality Theoretic Approach”
Seungho NamMarch 1995 (Ed Keenan, chair) “The Semantics of Locative Prepositional Phrases in English”
Jongho JunProfessor, Seoul National U.Feb. 1995 (Donca Steriade, chair) “Perceptual and Articulatory Factors on Place Assimilation”
Kaoru OhtaDec. 1994 (Tim Stowell, chair) “Verbal Nouns in Japanese”
William B. DolanSept. 1994 (Ed Stabler, chair) “Context-Freeness and the Lexicon”
Hiroyuki NagaharaAug. 1994 (Bruce Hayes, chair) “Phonological Phrasing in Japanese”
Dani M. ByrdProfessor, Uni. Southern CaliforniaApril 1994 (Patricia Keating, chair) “Articulatory Timing in English Consonant Sequences”
Andi WuMarch 1994 (Ed Stabler, chair)"The Spell-Out Parameters: A Minimalist Approach to Syntax"
Stephan M. Schuetze-CoburnJan. 1994 (J. Du Bois and Pamela Munro, co-chairs) “Prosody, Syntax, and Discourse Pragmatics: Assessing Information Flow in German Conversation”
Hyunoo LeeAug. 1993 (Ed Keenan, chair)"Categories, Structures, and Principles of Anaphoric Dependencies"
Bonnie H. ChiuJan. 1993 (Hilda Koopman, chair) “The Inflectional Structure of Mandarin Chinese”
Karen K. WallaceVerb Incorporation and Agreement in Crow,” 12/92 (P. Munro, chair)
John-Dongwook Choi Phonetic Underspecification and Target- Interpolation: An Acoustic Study of Marshallese Vowel Allophony, 11/92 (P. Keating, B. Hayes, chairs)
Laura D. CrainClause Chaining in Nepali Discourse, 5/92 (P. Schachter, S. Thompson, chairs)
Thomas L. Cornell Description Theory, Licensing Theory, and Principle-Based Grammars and Parsers, 5/92 (V. Fromkin, E. Stabler, chairs
Daniela ValoisProfesseur titulaire, Université de MontréalThe Internal Syntax of DP , 12/91 (D. Sportiche)
Lukowa KidimaTone and Accent in KiYaka, 10/91 (B. Hayes, chair)
Chris GolstonBoth Lexicons , 9/91 (V. Fromkin, D. Steriade, chairs)
Peter N. LandermanQuechua Dialects and their Classification ,8/91 (G. Bedell, chair)
Vicki M. CarstensAssociate Prof., U. MissouriThe Morphology and Syntax of Determiner Phrases in Kiswahili, 7/91 (T. Stowell, chair)
Sarah N. DartArticulatory and Acoustic Properties of Apical and Laminal Articulations, 3/91 (P. Ladefoged, chair)
Jack B. MartinThe Determination of Grammatical Relations in Syntax, 2/91 (T. Stowell, chair)
Linda L. ArvanitesThe Glottalic Phonemes of Proto-Eastern Cushitic, 1/91 (R. Anttila, chair)
Kasangati K.W. KinyaloloSyntactic Dependencies and the SPEC- head Agreement Hypothesis in KiLega, 1/91 (H. Koopman, D. Sportiche, chairs)
Hyo Sang LeeTense, Aspect, and Modality: A Discourse-Pragmatic Analysis of Verb Affixes in Korean from a Typological Perspective, 12/90 (P. Munro, S. Thompson, chairs)
Catherine A. JacksonThe Grammatical Consequences of Early Focal Damage to the Left Hemisphere of the Brain, 12/90 (S. Curtiss, V. Fromkin, chairs)
George Aaron BroadwellExtending the Binding Theory: A Muskogean Case Study, 6/90 (P. Munro, T. Stowell, chairs)
James J. TyhurstLogical Forms for English Sentences, 6/90 (E. Keenan, chair)
Feng-Hsi LiuScope Dependency in English and Chinese, 6/90 (E. Keenan, chair)
Lynette B. NyaggahCross-Linguistic Influence in Kenyan English: The Impact of Swahili and Kikuyu on Syntax, 5/90 (T. Hinnebusch, chair)
Abigail C. CohnProfessor, Cornell U.Phonetic and Phonological Rules of Nasalization, 3/90 (B. Hayes, P. Keating, chairs)
Brian D. McHughCyclicity in the Phrasal Phonology of Kivunjo Chaga, 1/90 (B. Hayes, chair)
Fay WoukThe Impact of Discourse on Grammar: Verb Morphology in Spoken Jakarta Indonesian, 11/89 (P. Schachter, chair)
Richard G. CampbellThe Grammatical Structure of Verbal Predicates, 9/89 (T. Stowell, chair)
Christian MatthiessenText-Generation as a Linguistic Research Task, 8/89 (P. Schachter, S. Thompson, chairs)
Marie K. HuffmanImplementation of Nasal: Timing and Articulatory Landmarks, 6/89 (P. Keating, chair)
Nobuko SugamotoThe Pronominality of Referential Expressions, 6/89 (R. Schuh, S. Thompson, chair)
Lee S. BickmoreKinyambo Prosody, 6/89 (B. Hayes, chair)
Marian Shapley Fundamental Frequency Variation in Conversational Discourse, 5/89 (P. Munro, S. Thompson, chairs)
Elizabeth G. WeberVarieties of Questions in English Conversation: A Study of the Role of Morphosyntax in Declarative and Nonclausal Forms, 3/89 (R. Anttila, S. Thompson, chairs)
Outi Bat-ElPhonology and Word Structure in Modern Hebrew, 2/89 (S. Anderson, chair)
Carol D. LordSyntactic Reanalysis in the Historical Development of Serial Verb Constructions in Languages of West Africa, 1/89 (G. Bedell, S. Thompson, chairs)
Shoichi Iwasaki A Study of Speaker’s Perspective in Japanese Spoken Discourse, 8/88 (R. Schuh, S. Thompson, chairs)
James Forrest FordyceStudies in Sound Symbolism with Special Reference to English, 8/88 (P. Keating, chair)
Alice J. AndertonThe Language of the Kitanemuks of California, 7/88 (W. Bright, chair)
Bonnie C. GloverThe Morphophonology of Muscat Arabic, 5/88 (R. Schuh, chair)
Michel T.T JacksonPhonetic Theory and Cross-Linguistic Variation in Vowel Articulation, 5/88 (P. Ladefoged, chair)
Jean G. MulderProfessor, University of MelbourneErgativity in Coast Tsimshian (Sm'algyax), 5/88 (P. Munro, S. Thompson, chairs)
Susanna A. CummingSyntactic Function and Constituent Order Change in Malay, 3/88 (P. Munro, S. Thompson, chairs)
Janine ScancarelliGrammatical Relations and Verb Agreement in Cherokee, 11/87 (P. Munro, chair)
Karen D. EmmoreyMorphological Structure and Parsing in the Lexicon, 8/87 (V. Fromkin, chair)
Anne M. Stewart Clause-Combining in Conchucos Quechua Discourse, 7/87 (W. Bright, S. Thompson, chairs)
Richard D. JandaOn the Motivation for Evolutionary Typology of Sound-Structural Rules, 6/87 (S. Anderson, chair)
John D. Soper Loan Syntax in Turkic and Iranian: The Verb System of Tajik, Uzbek, and Qashqay, 3/87 (G. Bedell, chair)
Ore YusufVerb Phrase Serialization in Yoruba in Discourse Perspective, 12/86 (R. Schuh, S. Thompson, chairs)
Hongmo RenOn the Acoustic Structure of Diphthongal Syllables, 12/86 (P. Ladefoged, chair)
Laurice Ann Tuller Bijective Relations in Universal Grammar and the Syntax of Hausa, 11/86 (R. Schuh, T. Stowell, chairs)
Thomas Hun-Tak LeeStudies on Quantification in Chinese, 9/86 (G. Bedell, chair)
Chen PingReferent Introducing and Tracking in Chinese Narratives, 6/86 (S. Thompson, chair)
Dennis G. HoltThe Development of the Paya Sound System, 5/86 (W. Bright, chair)
Charles H. UlrichChoctaw Morphophonology, 1/86 (P. Munro, chair)
Robin L. ClarkBoundaries and the Treatment of Control, 11/85 (T. Stowell, chair)
Geoffrey A. LindseyIntonation and Interrogation: Tonal Sturcture and the Expression of a Pragmatic Function in English and other Languages, 7/85 (R. Stockwell, chair)
Lioba P. MoshiGrammatical Relations in Swahili Discourse, 6/85 (S. Thompson, chair)
Doris L. PayneParticipant Coding in Yagua Discourse, 5/85 (S. Thompson, chair)
Sharon L. HargusThe Lexical Phonology of Sekani, 3/85 (W. Bright, chair)
Philip J. JaggarFactors Governing the Morphological Coding of Referants in Hausa Narrative Discourse, 1/85 (R. Schuh, chair)
Ava BerinsteinEvidence for Multiattachment in K’ekchi Mayan, 11/84 (W. Bright, D. Perlmutter, chairs)
Telee Chi A Lexical Analysis of Verb-Noun Compounds in Mandarin Chinese, 9/84 (S. Thompson, chair)
Daniel KemplerProfessor Emeritus, Emerson CollegeSyntactic and Symbolic Abilities in Alzheimer's Disease, 9/84 (R. Anttila, S. Curtiss, chairs)
John V. SinglerVariation in Tense-Aspect-Modality in Liberian English, 8/84 (R. Andersen, R. Stockwell, chairs)
Barbara A. FoxDiscourse Structure and Anaphora in Written and Conversational English, 7/84 (S. Thompson, chair)
Andrew J. FoxThe Evolution of the Hebrew Infinitive, Form and Function: A Diachronic Study with Cross-Linguistic Implications, 7/84 (R. Schuh, chair)
Michael T. HammondConstraining Metrical Theory: A Modular Theory of Rhythm and Destressing, 1/84 (B. Hayes, chair)
Tracy G. Thomas-FlindersMorphological Structures, 8/83 (B. Hayes, chair)
Jeni E. YamadaThe Independence of Language: A Case Study, 6/83 (V. Fromkin, chair)
Sukari B. SaloneConditional Sentences in Swahili, 6/83 (P. Schachter, S. Thompson, chairs)
David J. WeberA Grammar of Huallaga (Huanoco) Quechua, 5/83 (S. Thompson, chair)
Sandra F. DisnerVowel Quality: The Relation between Universal and Language Specific Factors, 5/83 (P. Ladefoged, chair)
Vida SamiianStructure of Phrasal Categores in Persian: An X-Bar Analysis, 3/83 (P. Schachter, chair)
Mary Lee Trithart The Applied Affix and Transitivity: A Historical Study in Bantu, 12/82 (S. Thompson, chair)
Amnon GordonThe Structure of the Hebrew Lexicon, 12/82 (P. Schachter, chair)
Jonas N.A. Nartey On Fricative Phones and Phonemes: or the Fricative Difference within and between Languages, 9/82 (P. Ladefoged, chair)
David GilDistributive Numerals, 9/82 (E. Keenan, chair)
Jean M. PhillipsA Sociolinguistic Perspective on English Neological Processes, 7/82 (R. Anttila, chair)
Wendy J. LinkerArticulatory and Acoustic Correlates of Labial Activity in Vowels: A Cross-Linguistic Study, 9/82 (P. Ladefoged, chair)
Joèlle S. BailardDiachronic Evidence and the Form of French Grammar, 6/82 (G. Bedell, S. Thompson, chairs)
Judy S. ReillyAcquisition of Conditionals in English, 5/82 (S. Thompson, chair)
Sharon M. KleinSyntactic Theory and the Developing Grammar: Reestablishing the Relationship between Linguistic Theory and Data from Language Acquisition, 3/82 (S. Anderson, chair)
William J. GreenbergAspects of a Theory of Singular Reference: Prolegomena to a Dialectical Logic of Singular Terms, 2/82 (P. Schachter, chair)
Julia HorvathAspects of Hungarian Syntax and the Theory of Grammar, 11/81 (S. Anderson, J. Emonds, chairs)
Linda M. GallowayContributions of the Right Cerebral Hemisphere to Language and Communication: Issues in Cerebral Dominance with Special Emphasis on Bilingualism, Second Language Acquisition, Sex Differences, and Certain Ethnic Groups, 9/81 (S. Krashen, P. Ladefoged, chair)
John R. WattersA Phonology and Morphology of Ejagham, with notes on dialect variation, 8/81 (W. Welmers, chair)
Michael P. NoonanLango Syntax, 6/81 (S. Thompson, chair)
Steven GreenbergNeural Temporal Coding of Pitch and Vowel Quality, 12/80 (P. Ladefoged, chair)
Lynn GordonMaricopa Morphology and Syntax, 12/80 (P. Munro, chair)
Marina McIntireLocatives in American Sign Language, 12/80 (S. Thompson, chair)
George PapçunHow do Different Speakers Say the Same Vowels? Discriminant Analysis of Four Imitation Dialects, 4/80 (P. Ladefoged, chair)
Yun-Yang Eric ZeePhonetic Studies of Chinese Tones, 3/80 (P. Ladefoged, chair)
Carmen Silva-CorvalanAn Investigation of Phonological and Syntactic Variation in Spoken Chilean Spanish, 11/79 (S. Thompson, B. Wald, chairs)
Heather K. HardyTolkapaya Syntax: Aspect, Modality, and Adverbial Modification in a Yavapai Dialect, 11/79 (P. Munro, chair)
Kenji HirakoujiNi and No in Japanese, 11/79 (G. Bedell, chair)
Barbara S. LopezThe Sound Pattern of Brazilian Portuguese (Cariocan Dialect), 11/79 (S. Anderson, chair)
Alora J. BurtonPhonological Systems of Aphasic Children, 11/79 (V. Fromkin, chair)
Barnabas ForsonCode-Switching in Akan-English Bilingualism, 11/79 (P. Schachter, chair)
Yero SyllaGrammatical Relations and Fula Syntax, 9/79 (R. Schuh, chair)
Lynell MarcheseTense/Aspect and the Development of Auxiliaries in the Kru Language Family, 9/79 (S. Thompson, chair)
Eser E. ErguvanliThe Function of Word Order in Turkish Grammar, 9/79 (S. Thompson, chair)
Anuradha SaksenaThe Grammar of Hindi Causatives, 8/79 (P. Schachter, chair)
Edward Norman GaryExtent in English: A Unified Account of Degree and Quantity, 8/79 (S. Thompson, chair)
Randall J. HendrickOn Nesting and Indexical Conditions in Linguistic Theory, 6/79 (J. Emonds, chair)
Brent E. DeChene The Historical Phonology of Vowel Length, 5/79 (S. Anderson, chair)
Euphrasia C. KuneneThe Acquisition of SiSwati as a First Language: A Morphological Study with Special Reference to Noun Prefixes, Noun Classes, and Some Agreement Markers, 4/79 (S. Thompson, chair)
Sharon L. SabsayCommunicative Competence in Down’s Syndrome Adults, 3/79 (W. Bright, chair)
Leon C. JacobsonDhoLuo Vowel Harmony: A Phonetic Investigation, 2/79 (V. Fromkin, W. Welmers, chairs)
Katsue AkibaA Historical Study of Old Japanese Syntax, 9/78 (S. Thompson, chair)
Catherine P. BrowmanTip of the Tongue and Slip of the Ear: Implications for Language Processing, 7/78 (P. Ladefoged, chair)
Kent D. BimsonComparative Reconstruction of Proto-Northern- Western Mande, 3/78 (W. Welmers, chair)
Dale R. TerbeekA Cross-Language Multidimensional Scaling Study of Vowel Perception, 10/77 (V. Fromkin, chair)
Erhard F.K. VoeltzProto-Niger-Congo Verb Extensions, 9/77 (T. Givón, chair)
Louis M. GoldsteinThree Studies in Speech Perception: Features, Relative Salience, and Bias, 9/77 (P. Ladefoged, chair)
Wendy K. WilkinsThe Variable Interpretation Convention: A Condition on Variables in Syntactic Transformations, 6/77 (J. Emonds, chair)
Ian MaddiesonUniversals of Tone: Six Studies, 6/77 (P. Ladefoged, chair)
Dauda M. BagariSubordinate Adverbial Clauses in Hausa, 11/76 (R. Schuh)
Susan CurtissThe Case of Genie: A Modern Day “Wild Child”, 11/76 (V. Fromkin, chair)
Jilali SaibA Phonological Study of Tamazight Berber: Dialect of the Ayt Ndhir, 11/76 (V. Fromkin, chair)
Marian C. BeanA Study of the Development of Word Order Patterns in Old English in Relation to Theories of Word Order Change, 11/76 (R. Stockwell, chair)
Baruch ElimelechA Tonal Grammar of Etsako, 9/76 (V. Fromkin, chair)
Robert W. McCoardTense Choice and Pragmatic Inferences: A Study of Preterit/Perfect Oppositions in English, 9/76 (S. Thompson, chair)
Martin J. MouldComparative Grammar Reconstruction and Language Subclassification: The North Victorian Bantu Languages, 8/76 (T. Givón, chair)
Alexandre KimenyiA Relational Grammar of Kinyarwanda, 6/76 (T. Givón, chair)
Livingstone WalusimbiRelativization and Focusing in Luganda and Bantu, 6/76 (T. Givón, chair)
Stephen CushingThe Formal Semantics of Quantification, 6/76 (J. Emonds, chair)
Kathleen G. DahlgrenReferential Semantics, 6/76 (J. Emonds, chair)
Thomas ByeAspects of the Acquisition of Communicative Competence: The Role of Listener-Oriented Presuppositions in Producing Directions, 6/76 (S. Thompson, chair)
Jackson T. GandourAspects of Thai Tone, 6/76 (V. Fromkin, chair)
Laura F. MeyersAspects of Hausa Tone, 3/76 (P. Schachter, chair)
Eugene W. BunkowskeTopics in Yala Grammar, 12/75 (W. Welmers, chair)
Mona E. LindauFeatures for Vowels, 12/75 (P. Ladefoged, chair)
Grover M. HudsonProfessor Emeritus, Michigan State UniversitySuppletion in the Representation of Alternations, 9/75 (V. Fromkin, T. Vennemann, chairs)
Eva-Maria M. WotschkeOrdered Grammars with Equivalence Classes: Some Formal and Linguistic Aspects, 8/75 (S. Greibach, P. Schachter, chairs
Isaac GeorgeA Grammar of Kwa-type Verb Serialization: Its Nature and Significance in Current Generative Theory, 6/75 (P. Schachter, W. Welmers, chairs)
W. Josh ArdRaisings and Word Order in Diachronic Syntax, 6/75 (R. Stockwell, chair)
Margaret L. PressA Grammar of Chemehuevi, 1/75 (W. Bright, chair)
Richard OgleNatural Order and Dislocated Syntax: An Essay in the History of Linguistic Ideas, 12/74 (G. Bedell, chair)
Tito N. OviedoMood and Negotiation in Spanish Noun Clauses, 12/74 (R. Stockwell, chair)
Andrew RogersPhysical Perception of Verbs in English: A Study in Lexical Relatedness, 3/74 (B. Partee, chair)
Lorian BakerThe Lexicon: Consideration for a Performance Model, 12/73 (V. Fromkin, chair)
Thomas J. HinnebuschPrefixes, Sound Change, and Subgroupings in the Coastal Kenyan Bantu Languages, 9/73 (T. Givón, chair)
Raymond SilversteinIgala Historical Phonology, 9/73 (W. Welmers, chair)
Carol PfaffA Sociolinguistic Study of Black Children in Los Angeles, 9/73 (W. Bright, chair)
Joan Bybee HooperAspects of Natural Generative Phonology, 8/73 (P. Schachter, chair)
Robert RodmanThe Study of Fuzzy Islands within the Framework of Transformational Generative Grammar, 8/73 (G. Bedell, chair)
Georgette Silva On Infinitival Complements: A Cross-Linguistic Study, 7/73 (P. Schachter, chair)
John DavisA Partial Grammar of Simplex and Complex Sentences in Luiseño, 6/73 (W. Bright, chair)
William RutherfordStudies in Extra-Sentential Relations, 3/73 (R. Stockwell, chair)
Rosa NeedlemanThai Verbal Structures and Some Implications for Current Theory, 3/73 (S. Thompson, chair)
Donald A. BurquestA Grammar of Angas, 3/73 (B. Partee, chair)
Kay Atkinson KingChildren’s Acquisition of Phonological Stress Contrasts, 3/73 (P. Ladefoged)
Russell G. SchuhAspects of Ngizim Syntax, 9/72 (P. Schachter, chair)
Larry M. HymanA Phonological Study of Fe’fe’-Bamileke, 8/72 (V. Fromkin)
Laurence HornOn the Semantic Properties of Logical Operators in English, 8/72 (B. Partee, chair)
Stephen D. KrashenLanguage and the Left Hemisphere, 8/72 (V. Fromkin, chair)
Michael KacFormal Aspects of Semantic Representation, 8/72 (P. Schachter, chair)
Manjari Agrawal OhalaProfessor, San Jose State UniversityTopics in Hindu-Urdu Phonology, 6/72 (W. Bright, chair)
Timothy ShopenA Generative Theory of Ellipsis: A Consideration of the Linguistic Use of Silence, 3/72 (P. Schachter, chair)
Marianne Celce-MurciaA Syntactic and Psycholinguistic Study of Comparison in English, 3/72 (V. Fromkin, S. Thompson, chairs)
Lyle CampbellHistorical Linguistics and Quechean Linguistic Prehistory, 12/71 (W. Bright, chair)
Fraida Dubin Language and Attitudes among Navajo Adolescents, 9/71 (W. Bright, chair)
Herbert F.W. StahlkeTopics in Ewe Phonology, 9/71 (W. Welmers, chair)
Kunio OkudaAccentual Systems in the Japanese Dialects, 9/71 (G. Bedell, chair)
Charles M. RichardsA Case Grammar of Pampangan, 6/71 (P. Schachter, chair)
Thomas H. PetersonMoore Structure: A Generative Analysis of the Tonal System and Aspects of the Syntax, 6/71 (P. Schachter, chair)
Ronald K.S. MacaulayAspect in English, 6/71 (R. Stockwell, chair)
Timothy DillerCase Grammar and its Application to Waray, a Philippine Language, 6/71 (P. Schachter, chair)
Jacquelyn DeMeire SchachterPresuppositional and Counterfactual Conditional Sentences, 3/71 (B. Partee, chair)
Roxana Ma NewmanA Case Grammar of Ga’anda, 3/71 (P. Schachter, chair)
Timothy S.J. SmithA Phonetic Study of the Function of the Extrinsic Tongue Muscles, 12/70 (P. Ladefoged, chair)
Edward FrescoTopics in Yoruba Dialect Phonology, 6/70 (V. Fromkin, W. Welmers, chairs)
Steven B. SmithGenerative Semantics, 5/70 (B. Partee, chair)
SoemarmoSubject-Predicate, Focus-Presupposition, and Topic- Comment in Bahasa Indonesia and Javanese, 5/70 (B. Partee, chair)
Mangesh V. NadkarniNP-Embedded Structures in Kannada and Konkani, 5/70 (W. Bright, chair
Frank W. HenySemantic Operations on Base Structures, 5/70 (B. Partee, chair)
Christiane BaltaxeN.S. Trubetskoy and the Development of the Theory of Distinctive Features, 3/70 (J. Puhvel, chair)
Peter MenzelPropositions, Events, and Actions in the Syntax of Complementation, 8/69 (B. Partee, chair)
Talmy GivónStudies in Chibemba and Bantu Grammar, 8/69 (P. Schachter, chair)
Harry A. Whitaker On the Representation of Language in the Human Brain: Problems in the Neurology of Language and the Linguistic Analysis of Aphasia, 6/69 (V. Fromkin, chair)
Jacqueline LindenfeldA Transformational Grammar of Yaqui, 6/69 (W. Bright, chair)
John OhalaProfessor Emeritus, University of California, BerkeleyAspects of the Control and Production of Speech, 5/69 (P. Ladefoged, chair)
Purushottam J. MistryA Generative Syntax of Gujarati, 1/69 (W. Bright, chair)
Karen CourtenayA Generative Phonology of Yoruba, 9/68 (V. Fromkin, W. Welmers, chairs)
John McKayFree Adverbials in a Generative Grammar of German, 8/68 (B. Partee, chair)
Gerard DifflothThe Irula Language, 4/68 (W. Bright, chair)
Kalon L. KelleyEarly Syntactic Acquisition, 8/67 (B. Partee, chair)
Kenneth C. HillA Grammar of the Serrano Language, 8/67 (W. Bright, chair)
Terence H. MooreThe Topic-Comment Functiuon: A Performance Constraint on a Competence Model, 5/67 (R. Stockwell, chair)
Paul NewmanA Grammar of Tera, 1/67 (P. Schachter, chair)
Chin Woo KimThe Linguistic Specification of Speech, 9/66 (P. Ladefoged, chair)
Mary Jeanette JohnsonSyntactic Structures of Tamazight, 8/66 (J. Applegate, chair)
Deborah Ann HardingThe Phonology and Morphology of Chinyanja, 5/66 (W. Welmers, chair)
Charles S. BirdAspects of Bambara Syntax, 4/66 (W. Welmers, chair)
Victoria A. FromkinSome Phonetic Specifications of Linguistic Units: An Electromyographic Investigation, 7/65 (P. Ladefoged, chair)
Robert D. WilsonTree Derivation in Transformational Grammars, 2/65 (R. Stockwell, chair)