TA Office Hours

2023 Summer Session C TA Office Hours

Office Hours will be updated by the second week of the quarter. If after checking you are still unable to find the office hours please contact the Linguistics Department

NameE-mailDay and TimeLocation
Aziz, Jakejakeaziz@ucla.eduBy appointmentRemote
Brown, Colincolinbrown@ucla.eduM 11:30am-1:30pmCampbell 3103A
Chang, Kalenkalen@g.ucla.eduW 2pm-3pm
R 4pm-5pm
Rolfe 1110
Fuller, Corrinacorrfuller127@g.ucla.eduT 11am-1pmRolfe 1110A
Lunardi, Valentinavlunardi@humnet.ucla.eduBy appointmentZoom
Muxica, Christiancmuxica@g.ucla.edu
Wang, Yangyangwangx@g.ucla.edu
Xu, Lilylilyokc2012@gmail.comF 10am-11amCampbell 2210