TA Office Hours

*If your instructor or location for office hours is not listed, please email that instructor for more information.*

If after checking you are still unable to find the office hours please contact the linguistics department.

TA Office Hours: Spring 2018

NameE-mailDay and TimeLocation
Adams, Jacobjjadams@ucla.eduTue 1-2pm
Wed 2-3pm
Campbell 2209
Breiss, Canaancanaanbreiss1@gmail.comWed 10am-12pmCampbell 2209
Chen, Zhou
zchen0306@g.ucla.eduMon 10am-12pm
Campbell 2209
Culinovic, Danieladculinovic@ucla.eduThu 10am-12pmRolfe 3300D
Kaps, Marjumarjukaps@gmail.comWed 10-11:50amRolfe 3300D
Mantenuto, Iaraimantenu@ucla.eduTue 5-6pm
Wed 3-4pm
Rolfe 3300D
Mayer, Connorconnor.joseph.mayer@gmail.comTue 3-4pmCampbell 3122C
Locciono, Nicolettanicolettaloccioni@gmail.comMon 1-1-50pm
Wed 1-1:50pm
Campbell 2209
O'Leary, Mauramauraoleary339@gmail.comTue 1-1:50pmCampbell 2209
Oskan, Sozensozkan@ucla.eduTue 12-1pmCampbell 2209
Steffman, Jeremyjeremysteffman@gmail.comTue 10am-12pmRolfe 3300D
Stockwell, Richardrstockwell15@ucla.eduTue 1-2pm
Fri 10-11am
Campbell 2209
Yang, Mengmengyang@ucla.eduWed 1-2pmCampbell 2209