TA Office Hours

*If your instructor or location for office hours is not listed, please email that instructor for more information.*

If after checking you are still unable to find the office hours please contact the Linguistics Department.

NameE-mailDay and TimeLocation
Aziz, Jakejakeaziz@ucla.eduW 2pm-3pm
R 2pm-3pm
Bunche 2173
Rolfe 3121
Barnett, Phillippnba@222@ucla.eduW 9am-10am Campbell 3103B
Booth, Maddymadeleinebooth1@gmail.comF 2pm-4pm Campbell 3103D
Briess, Canaancanaanbreiss1@gmail.comT 2pm-3pmCampbell 3103D
Brown, Colincolinbrown@ucla.eduR 2pm-4pmCampbell 3103D
Chen, Zhuozchen0306@g.ucla.eduM 10am-12pm Rolfe 3320
Jo, Jinyoung jinyoungjo@ucla.eduR 2pm-4pm Campbell 2122
Katsuda, Hironorikatsuda1123@gmail.comW 10am-11am & 1pm-2pm Rolfe 3300D
Kuo, Jennifer jennifer.x.kuo@gmail.comMW 1pm-2pmCampbell 3103D
Lehman, Blakelehman62@gmail.comW 12pm-1pmCampbell 2209
Liu, Minqiliuminqi@ucla.eduM&W 12:30pm-1:30pmRolfe 3300D
O'Leary, Maura mauraoleary339@gmail.comT 10am-12pm Campbell 3103D
Pan, Angelica angelicapan@ucla.eduT 11am-1pmRolfe 3300D
Prechtel, Christineceprechtel@gmail.comM 1pm-3pmCampbell 2101K
Roberts, Brice bricedavidroberts@gmail.com
Royer, Adamadamroyer1337@gmail.comW 3:30pm-5:30pmRolfe 3300D
Tan, Adelineaderaetan@ucla.eduW 2pm-3:50pmCampbell 2209
Teixeira, Gabriel gteixe7@gmail.com
Wong, Deborahdeborahjmwong@gmail.com W 8am-10amCampbell 2209
Xu, Andyzhongshixu@g.ucla.eduM 4pm-5pm & W 12pm-1pm Rolfe 3300D