TA Office Hours

For inquiries about Zoom remote office hours, please email your TA.

If after checking you are still unable to find the office hours please contact the Linguistics Department.

NameE-mailDay and TimeLocation
Agarwal, Hashmitahashmita@ucla.eduW 1:30pm - 2:30pm
T 1pm - 2pm
Rolfe 1110
Benvenuti, Isabelisabelben@g.ucla.eduT 2pm - 4pmZoom
Booth, Maddymadeleinebooth1@gmail.comM 1pm-2pm
T 12pm-1pm
Rolfe 1110
Clayton, Johnjclayton@humnet.ucla.eduMW 11am-12pm
MW 11am-12pm
Rolfe 1110
Douglass, Mercedesmdouglass@ucla.eduR 3pm-5pmZoom
Elkins, Noahnoahelkins1@g.ucla.eduT 2pm-4pmRolfe 1110A or Zoom
Gladney, Anissaanissadg@ucla.eduF 12pm-2pmRolfe 1110
Hoose, Anahitaanahita.hoose@gmail.comM 2pm - 3pm
T 2pm-3pm
M: Zoom (book through Canvas)
T: Rolfe 1110C (drop in)
Kaech, Liamkachl@g.ucla.edu
Khoshsirat, Ziaziaoddin@g.ucla.eduM 10am-12pm
Liu, Kiki (Minqi)liuminqi@ucla.eduR 10-12pmZoom
Mateos, Arthurmateos@ucla.eduM 10am - 12pmRolfe 1110
Motter, Thomastcmotter@gmail.comT 11am-1pmZoom
Narkar, Jahnavijnarkar@ucla.eduT 2pm - 4pmZoom
O'Leary, Mauramauraoleary339@gmail.comBy Appointment
Prechtel, Christineceprechtel@gmail.comW 12pm - 1pm
R 2pm - 3pm
Rolfe 1110
Roy, Alexaroy@humnet.ucla.eduM 9am-10am
W 8am-9am
W 9am-10am
Rolfe 1110
Slobe, Tyannatyanna@ucla.eduBy AppointmentZoom
Teixiera, Gabrielgteixe7@gmail.comT 2-4pmRolfe 1110
Wang, Huileihlwang16@g,ucla.edu
Wang, Yangyangwangx@g.ucla.eduF 9am-11am
Xu, Andyzhongshixu@g.ucla.eduF 10-11amZoom
Xu, Lilylilyokc2012@gmail.comF 10am - 11amCampbell 2210
Yagi, Erikaerieri11@gmail.comBy AppointmentZoom
Zhou, Z.L.zzlzhou@gmail.comM 2pm - 3:50pmRolfe 1110 or Zoom