TA Office Hours

*If your instructor or location for office hours is not listed, please email that instructor for more information.*

If after checking you are still unable to find the office hours please contact the linguistics department.

TA Office Hours: Fall 2018 (in progress)

NameE-mailDay and TimeLocation
Booth, Madeleinemadeleinebooth1@gmail.comCampbell 2209
Chan, Arielarielchan@ucla.eduCampbell 2209
Clayton, Johnjclayton@humnet.ucla.eduRolfe 3300D
Katsuda, Hironorikatsuda1123@gmail.comCampbell 2209
Kaps, Marjumarjukaps@gmail.comCampbell 2209
Kim, Hendrikkimhendrik@g.ucla.eduCampbell 2209
Liu, Minqiliuminqi@ucla.eduCampbell 2209
Onishi, Teigoteigo.onishi@gmail.comRolfe 3300D
Oskan, Sozensozkan@ucla.eduCampbell 2209
Prechtel, Christineceprechtel@gmail.comRolfe 3300D
Royer, Adamadamroyer1337@gmail.comRolfe 3300D
Sturman, Bethanybsturman@ucla.eduRolfe 3300D
Tan, Adelineaderaetan@ucla.eduRolfe 3300D
Xu, Zhongshizhongshixu@g.ucla.edu (R) Rolfe 3300D
(F) Campbell 2209
Zhou, Z.L.zzlzhou@gmail.comCampbell 2209