TA Office Hours

*Beginning Wednesday, March 11, 2020, office hours are subject to cancellation. Please contact your TA to inquire.*

If after checking you are still unable to find the office hours please contact the Linguistics Department.

NameE-mailDay and TimeLocation
Booth, Maddymadeleinebooth1@gmail.comT 11am -1pmRolfe 1110
Devlin, Kerrikerrianne.devlin@gmail.comT 12-2pmZoom
Elkins, Noahnoahelkins1@g.ucla.eduM 1-3pmZoom
Gladney, Anissaanissadg@ucla.eduW 1-3pmRolfe 1110
Kaech, Liamkachl@g.ucla.eduR 9:30-10:30amZoom
Khoshsirat, Ziaziaoddin@g.ucla.eduW 11am-1pmZoom
Lehman, Blakelehman62@gmail.comTR 12-1pm
Liu, Kiki (Minqi)liuminqi@ucla.eduR 10-12pmZoom
Mateos, Arthurmateos@ucla.eduW 2-3pm
R 10-11am
Rolfe 1110
Motter, Thomastcmotter@gmail.comM 11am-1pmZoom
Narkar, Jahnavijnarkar@ucla.eduM 1-3pmZoom
O'Leary, Mauramauraoleary339@gmail.comM 3-5pmZoom
Prechtel, Christineceprechtel@gmail.comM 11am-12pm
F 4-5pm
Rolfe 1110
Roy, Alexaroy@humnet.ucla.eduW 1-3pmZoom
Slobe, Tyannatyanna@ucla.eduF 11-1pmZoom
Teixiera, Gabrielgteixe7@gmail.comT 2-4pmRolfe 1110
Wang, Huileihlwang16@g,ucla.eduM 1-3pmRolfe 1110
Xu, Andyzhongshixu@g.ucla.eduF 10-11amZoom
Xu, Lilylilyokc2012@gmail.comR 2-3pmZoom
Zhou, Z.L.zzlzhou@gmail.comR 1-3pmRolfe 1110