Digital and other research resources

Research software written by department faculty


Programs for computational semantics by Prof. Dylan Bumford

Programs for psycholinguistic research by Prof. Jesse Harris

Programs for research in phonology by Prof. Bruce Hayes and colleagues

Programs for research in phonology and psycholinguistics by Prof. Claire Moore-Cantwell

Bayesian verb argument structure learner with noise filter by Prof. Laurel Perkins

Programs for research in phonology  by Prof. Kie Zuraw and colleagues

Data corpora

  • LDC membership and corpus access.
  • Phonetics Lab corpora and databases
  • Other speech corpora are on the T: drive in the Phonetics Laboratory
  • For purchase of other corpora, contact the chair of the department, who is ex officio the chair of the Bye Funds Committee

Teaching software

UCLA-PPP (“UCLA Parsing Practice Program”):  A program for intro linguistics students to practice assigning tree structure to sentences.

Pheatures Spreadsheet: Learn features, check your use of features to describe natural classes and feature changes.

Other research resources

The strong research culture of the UCLA Linguistics Department is supported in many tangible ways by the department itself, by the Humanities Division, and by the university:

  • Free statistics consulting on campus
  • Free poster printer
  • Experimental subject pool
  • Weekly research group seminar meetings
  • Access to undergraduate RAs
  • Access to laboratory facilities
  • Staff assistance with IRB applications

and specifically for grad students:

  • Funding for subjects/consultants
  • Ladefoged Scholarship (research support for grad students)
  • Conference travel funds
  • Experimental methods course offered every year