Language Acquisition Laboratory

We are interested in studying how infants tune into their native language and how children eventually develop the ability to produce grammatical sentences. To do this we study infants’, toddlers’, and young children’s speech perception and production abilities.

Language Processing Laboratory

We are an interdisciplinary research space dedicated to exploring language and cognition through a multitude of methods. Current projects include behavioral judgments to written and auditory stimuli, eye movements, pupillometry, and corpus work.

Phonetics Laboratory

The UCLA Phonetics Laboratory was established by Peter Ladefoged in the English Department in Fall 1962 and moved with him to the new Linguistics Department in 1966. Members of the lab include faculty, postdocs, graduate students, staff, and visiting scholars in Linguistics. In our research we document sounds from a range of languages, and describe the behavior of a language’s sounds as part of a linguistic system. The lab maintains facilities for teaching and research in adult and infant speech production, acoustics, and perception.

Psycholinguistics Laboratory

The Psycholinguistics/Neurolinguistics Lab is equipped for research and teaching in a variety of experimental and corpus-based techniques. The lab also has space for conducting interviews and naturalistic experiments, toys for use with children, and facilities to allow easy transcription of audio tapes of linguistic interactions with subjects, including a TEAC graphic equalizer for enhancing and filtering recorded speech.