Visiting Scholar Requirements

The UCLA Linguistics Department admits Visiting Scholars with a serious interest in the study of linguistics.  The Department’s financial resources are limited and no support can be provided to the individual.  Visitors are expected to obtain their own support from research or study grants obtained from a foundation, university, or other agency.

While you are at UCLA as a Visiting Scholar, you will be eligible to obtain a library card and check books out of the campus’ libraries.  You will also be eligible for an email account, and free (excluding any phone connection costs) Internet access via UCLA’s own Internet Service Provider, Bruin Online.  As a Visiting Scholar, you will be eligible to use the athletic facilities available to other faculty on campus.  Those facilities charge a one time user fee which varies depending on the duration of their use you wish to purchase.

Within the department, space for visiting scholars is unfortunately very limited and the department may or may not be able to provide you with a desk or other working space, depending on availability.  If we are able to provide you access to a phone, you will be responsible for all charges.  Please consult with the Linguistics Department Coordinator on copy machine privileges and costs.

Also within our department, you are welcome to use our non-circulating department library.  Furthermore, we maintain a small computer laboratory that you may use with the understanding that you would be expected to relinquish your use of a computer should one of our graduate students need it.

While the department is unable to provide Visiting Scholars with vehicle parking on campus, three different community bus lines provide excellent public transportation to and from campus from the areas surrounding it.  Fares vary between the different lines, but all are inexpensive.

Housing around UCLA is typically very expensive.  The department has no means to locate or subsidize housing for Visiting Scholars.  Unfortunately, Visiting Scholars are not eligible for the Faculty Apartments.  However, UCLA does maintain a Community Housing Internet Website, and the Department will give all Visiting Scholars access to its subscription to this site.

Finally, the Department will be happy to sponsor J-1 visas to those individuals needing permission to enter the country.  The United States requires that certain specific conditions be met before a J-1 visa will be issued to an individual, and the department can provide you with information regarding those conditions upon request.  Assuming you are able to meet the requirements, the department will obtain and send to you the documents you will need to obtain the J-1 visa from the American Consulate in your country of residence.

Please check the chart below for the requirements needed for the application to be a Visiting Scholar in the department.  We also ask that you provide us with the name of the individual on our faculty whom you would prefer to work most closely with.  Should we admit you as a Visiting Scholar, this faculty member will serve as your sponsor, if he/she accepts to work with you.

Please submit all materials electronically to the faculty member currently responsible for Visiting Students and Scholars applications (consult to identify that person). Please also consult that faculty member with any questions or concerns in regards to the program.

For any inquiries in regards to the requirements and any Visa inquiries, please contact the department.

**PLEASE NOTE:  These rules only effect Visiting Scholars. Any Visiting Graduate Student Researcher inquiries should be directed to the Linguistics Graduate Student Affairs Officer (see

Visiting Scholar Requirements

Required Documents (prior to arrival)
  1. CV
  2. Statement of Research Purpose from Visitor
  3. Citizenship Status
  4. Name of Faculty Member you would like to work with
  5. Memo of Sponsorship from Faculty Member
Visas (for international applicants)
  • J-1 Visa ONLY
    • J-1 Visas now have a Federal Requirement for English Language Proficiency which can be signed off on by the Faculty Sponsor.
Limit of Stay
  • ALL VISITING TITLES are limited to 24 months (2 years) in UCLA. A third year exception (extra 12 months) may be requested through the Vice Chancellor, but is not guaranteed.
Time to Approval
  • Local: 2-3 weeks in advance of visitor’s arrival.
  • International: 2-3 months in advance of visitor’s arrival.
Bruin Cards/IDs
  • For all Bruin Cards that have been issued out to any visitor, please return the IDs to the Linguistics Department Coordinator. Visitors must relinquish these cards before they leave campus.