Undergraduate Courses

List of courses offered by the Linguistics Department.

To see if a class meets in the current quarter, as well as the time and location, go to the Linguistics Department’s Course Schedule page.

Courses usually offered every quarter are Linguistics 1, 20, 102 or 103, 119A or 120A, 120B. Most other courses may be offered one or two quarters. An internal tentative Linguistics course offerings list for the following academic year is made available at the end of May or early June of the preceding academic year.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How big are UCLA Linguistics courses?
The majority of required linguistics courses for the majors are capped at 40 students per lecture, with the exception of Linguistics 1, 20, 102, 119A, and 120B.
Who do I contact for assistance with course planning?
Please refer to the Undergraduate Student Affairs Officer for guidance with course planning for the major.
Can I take major requirements as pass/no pass?
Only foreign language requirements may be taken for Pass/No Pass grading. All other preparation for the major and upper-division major requirements must be taken for a letter grade. *Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, exceptions have been made to this policy. Please visit the majors/minor page to view the memos outlining these exceptions.
Can I take preparation for the major requirements at a community college or other university?
Yes, however, you must first consult with the Undergraduate Student Affairs Officer if you plan to take courses at another college or university for approval and confirmation.
I completed a course for my major, but it does not appear on my degree audit report. What do I do?
Please send an email to the Undergraduate Student Affairs Officer to address this inquiry. Include your university ID number and the course information in the email.

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