Faculty Office Hours

*If your instructor’s office hours is not listed, please email that instructor for more information.*

If after checking you are still unable to find the office hours please contact the Linguistics Department.

Winter 2019 Faculty Office Hours (in progress)

Achesah, Sephrinesephie3@gmail.comRolfe 3300A
Ahn Suzysuzy.ahn@nyu.eduMon 1-3pmCampbell 2126C
Al Rifae, Kindakinda.alrifae@ucla.eduFri, 12-2pmRolfe 3300A
Bumford, Dylandbumford@ucla.eduTue 1-3pmCampbell 3126B
Faytak, Matthewfaytak@ucla.eduWed 4-6pmCampbell 3103B
Harris, Jessejharris@humnet.ucla.eduTue 4-6pmCampbell 2226
Hayes, Brucebhayes@humnet.ucla.eduTue 1-2 & Fri 2-3Campbell 2101G
Hunter, Timtimhunter@ucla.eduMon 1-3pmCampbell 3103K
Hyams, Ninahyams@humnet.ucla.eduMon & Wed 2-3pmCampbell 2210B
Jun, Sun-AhMon & Wed 1-2pm; and by appointmentCampbell 2101H
Kann, Trevorlingua@gmail.comTue & Thu 2-3pm Rolfe 3312
Keating, Patkeating@humnet.ucla.eduMon, Tue, Wed 10am-11:45am;
Thu 2-5pm
Campbell 3125B
Lewis, Benjaminbenjaminlewis@g.ucla.eduMon-Thu 10am-11amRolfe 3300E
Mahajan, Anoopamahajan@g.ucla.eduWed 2.30pm-3.30pm;
and by appointment
Campbell 3103H
Mateu, Victoriavictoria.e.mateu@gmail.comWed 3-5pmRolfe 3312
Munro, Pammunro@ucla.eduBy appointment
Poole, Ethanepoole@ucla.eduMon & Thu 2-3pmCampbell 2126A
Rasekhi, Vahidehvrasekhi@humnet.ucla.eduMon & Wed 11:00am-12:00pm; and by appointmentCampbell 2210C
Rett, Jessicarett@ucla.eduCampbell 3103L
Schutze, Carsoncschutze@humnet.ucla.eduTue 12:30-2:30pmCampbell 2210E
Sharvit, Yaelysharvit@gmail.comBy appointmentCampbell 3103G
Shih, Shu-haoshuhaoshih@g.ucla.eduFri 2:30-4pmCampbell 2126B
Sportiche, Dominiquesportich@g.ucla.eduBy appointmentCampbell 2101S
Sundara, Meghamegha.sundara@humnet.ucla.eduMon & Wed 11am-12pmCampbell
Zuraw, Kiekie@ucla.eduBy appointmentCampbell 3122A