Faculty Office Hours

Fall 2023 Faculty Office Hours 

Office Hours will be updated by the second week of the quarter. If after checking you are still unable to find the office hours please contact the Linguistics Department

NameE-mailHoursOfficeOffice Hours Location
Bahtina, Dariabahtina@ucla.eduBy Appointment3312 Rolfe Hall3312 Rolfe Hall
Cychosz, Megmcychosz4@ucla.eduT 4pm-5:30pm2101H Campbell HallN/A
Goldstein, Daviddgoldstein@humnet.ucla.eduF 3pm-5pm3122B Campbell HallOnline (request through email)
Harris, Jessejharris@humnet.ucla.eduR 2pm-4pm2224 Campbell Hall2224 Campbell Hall
Hunter, Timtimhunter@ucla.eduFor Weeks 1 and 2, Zoom Week 3 onwards, M 4pm-5pm3103K Campbell Hall(https://ucla.zoom.us/my/timhunter);
Lewis, Benjaminbenjaminlewis@g.ucla.eduM & W 10am-11am3300E Rolfe Hall3300E Rolfe Hall
Loccioni, Nicolettaloccioni@ucla.eduR 4pm-6pm2621C Campbell Hall2621C Campbell Hall
Mirrazi, Zahrazmirrazi@g.ucla.eduM 2pm-3:30pm3315 Rolfe Hall3315 Rolfe Hall
Munro, Pammunro@ucla.eduBy Appointment3300 Rolfe HallOnline (request through email)
Rett, Jessicarett@ucla.eduW 10am-12pm3103M Campbell HallN/A
Silvestri, Giuseppinag.silvestri@ucla.eduM 3pm-5pm3300A Rolfe HallOnline (request through email)
Sun-Ah, Junjun@humnet.ucla.eduM 1-1:30pm,
W 4-6pm, and By Appointment
2101J Campbell Hall2101J Campbell Hall
Zuraw, Kiekie@ucla.eduW 12pm-2pm3122A Campbell Hall3122A Campbell Hall