American Sign Language


ASL 1-6: (we use the Signing Naturally curriculum)
ASL M115: Enforcing Normalcy (cross-listed under ASL and Disability Studies)

ASL classes are sequential. We recommend not taking them until you can take them in order. We only offer each one once a year, so if you miss ASL 2 in the winter, you have to wait until the following academic winter to take it. PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT (EMAIL OR BY PHONE) LECTURER AND/OR INTERPRETER TO REQUEST A PTE NUMBER.

Please note that ASL courses completed at another institution during Winter 2019 and beyond will not transfer into UCLA as exact equivalents to our ASL courses. Students will need to take a placement exam to determine which level of ASL is appropriate for them here at UCLA. 


Benjamin Lewis
Office – Rolfe Hall 3300E


Mariam Janvelyan
Phone – 310.825.4631
Office – Rolfe Hall 3300E

Placement / Exemption Exams:

Fall 2022 Exams: September 14th from 9am – 5pm

Spring 2022 Exams: TBA

**Please check back for updates regarding how to register for an exam**

ASL exams are meant for students with a background in ASL seeking to enroll in an intermediate-level ASL course or a language requirement waiver at UCLA. Students may only be placed into ASL 4-6 or be exempt from ASL 1-3 by taking either a Placement Exam or Exemption Exam:

    • Placement Exam – to receive placement into ASL 4, 5, or 6 for class enrollment
    • Exemption Exam – to test out of ASL 1-3 (1 year proficiency) in order to waive the College language requirement

If you pass the Exemption Exam, your results will be reported to the College to waive you out of the College language requirement. If you are placed into a course by taking the Placement Exam, you may request a PTE number to enroll in ASL 4, 5, or 6 during the enrollment period. Passing the Exemption Exam means that a student meets the proficiency of ASL 1-3 and thus also qualifies them to request a PTE number for ASL 4.

Students who do not pass the Exemption Exam or place into ASL 4, 5, or 6 must start from ASL 1 if they wish to move forward with ASL courses.

Exam Structure: The exam consists of two parts – receptive and expressive. For the receptive portion, students will watch a video and answer questions on a sheet of paper. For the expressive portion, students will sign with Ben in an “interview” style, where they answer questions.

UCLA Undergraduate Sign Language Club:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a PTE for the ASL course I want to enroll in that is full?

We do not grant PTEs for ASL courses. If the course is full, please join the waitlist. If the waitlist is full, keep monitoring it to see if a spot opens up or attempt to get a seat the next time the course is offered.

I have been unsuccessful at acquiring a spot in ASL 1, what are my options?

ASL 1 is offered once a year in Fall quarter. You may wait to attempt to get a seat the next Fall, but another option is taking our ASL 8 course. ASL 8 is a summer-only course that is offered every year beginning in summer session A and lasts 8 weeks. ASL 8 is equivalent to our ASL 1, 2, and 3 so students will learn all of the material covered in those 3 courses in this 8-week intensive summer course. Students who complete ASL 8 are eligible to enroll in ASL 4 in Fall quarter. Enrollment for ASL 8 opens on February 1st for UCLA students every year.

Does UCLA offer a minor or major in ASL?

At this time, we do not offer a minor or major in ASL.