Studying Abroad

Planning to Study Abroad

Since studying abroad requires extensive planning and coordination with several campus offices, students are urged to begin the process during Fall Quarter of the academic year BEFORE they wish to go abroad. The first point of contact for students interested in these opportunities should be the International Education Office, located in 1332 Murphy Hall. Students can also browse the UC EAP website for program descriptions and additional resources.

Applying Credit toward the Major/Minor Requirements

Students who are majoring or minoring in one of the 12 undergraduate programs in Linguistics are encouraged to study abroad if they so desire. Those who wish to apply credit from UC EAP coursework toward the major or minor requirements should keep the following guidelines in mind:

• UC EAP coursework WILL NOT satisfy core requirements (e.g. LING 103, 120A, 120B)
• UC EAP coursework can satisfy elective requirements for the majors and minor, as long as the courses carry at least 4 units of upper division UC credit.
• Students must earn a minimum grade of “D-” or higher in any UC EAP course that they wish to apply toward the major or minor. Grades for UC EAP coursework applied toward the major requirements will factor into the major GPA.
• Foreign language coursework completed abroad will need to be evaluated by the UCLA department that houses that language in order to determine what level of proficiency it satisfies for the purposes of the preparation for the major requirements.
• UC EAP courses MUST be approved by the department’s Undergraduate Advisor to satisfy major or minor requirements. Substitutions for unapproved coursework will NOT be applied to the Degree Audit Report.

Though it is not required, students are highly advised to complete the UC EAP Academic Planner Form (see back) in consultation with the Undergraduate Advisor, to ensure that the coursework they wish to take abroad will count toward the major requirements. Students should bring their completed UC EAP APF to their counseling appointments, along with copies of the MyEAP Course Catalog descriptions, which includes the course title, UC quarter units and division values, a description of the course content, and the language of instruction. The MyEAP Course Catalog can be accessed online.

Resources for Students Interested in Studying Abroad

UCLA International Education Office
UC EAP Programs by Country
Planning for Study Abroad
UC EAP Guide to Study Abroad

Download Worksheet:
UC EAP Course Substitution Guidelines_Worksheet