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In Memoriam

  • A photo of William Bright

    William Bright

    1928 - 2006
    William Bright was a distinguished scholar in American Indian linguistics, Dravidian linguistics, and sociolinguistics.
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  • A photo of Victoria Fromkin

    Victoria Fromkin

    1923 - 2000
    Victoria Fromkin was one of the department's own first Ph.D.'s, noted for her work in phonetics, phonology, and psycholinguistics.
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  • A photo of Peter Ladefoged

    Peter Ladefoged

    1925 - 2006
    Peter Ladefoged was a preeminent scholar in phonetics. He taught in the department from 1962 to 1991, and was thereafter a Research Linguist.
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  • A photo of Paul Schachter

    Paul Schachter

    1929 - 2012
    Paul Schachter was one of the program’s earliest Ph.D.’s, and went on to teach in the department for over thirty years. He was a noted authority on syntactic theory and on Philippine languages.
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  • A photo of Russell G. Schuh

    Russell G. Schuh

    1941 - 2016
    Russell Schuh was a distinguished Africanist specializing in Chadic languages.
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  • A photo of Robert Stockwell

    Robert Stockwell

    1925 - 2012
    Robert Stockwell was the founding chair of our department. His research covered syntactic theory, the history of the English language, early English metrics, and historical linguistics.
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