Student Resources

With the implementation of online instruction last year, many more students are having difficulty keeping up with their classes, maintaining academic motivation, staying physically and emotionally healthy, or overcoming economic or housing challenges that they face alone or within their families as a result of the pandemic. You are not alone! We want to make sure you are aware that UCLA has myriad resources available to help you and put you in touch with them to obtain assistance!

See the list below for some highlights. Keep in mind that there are many more, so if you are looking for a particular resource and are unsure of whom to ask, email the Undergradute Student Affairs Officer. You may book long appointments if you anticipate a need for more time to discuss issues such as potential withdrawal from winter quarter, referral to Case Management Services, or other resources available to meet your needs.

Basic Needs, Mental Health, and Wellness
  • UCLA Basic Needs website and resource guide— first and foremost, take care of your human self! Basic Needs encompasses everything from health to financial, housing, and food security. Their resource guide is comprehensive and updated regularly.
  • Counseling and Psychological Services— now offering telehealth appointments for in-state students. Their resource page is full of helpful information and links!
  • UCLA RISE Center— now offering virtual resilience, mental health, and mindfulness events.
  • UCLA Wazo Connect–working to improve mental health in the UCLA community through peer-to-peer connections.
Advising & Enrollment
Support & Community

There are many more resources out there, so if you’re not sure if a particular department/organization/service is available remotely, be sure to check their website!