Departmental Scholars Program in Linguistics

The Department of Linguistics accepts applications for this program once per academic year.

The Departmental Scholar Program (DSP) allows exceptional juniors and seniors to pursue the bachelor’s and master’s degrees simultaneously. Nomination as a Departmental Scholar is an honor that carries practical benefits– the graduate application process is simplified, and advanced students are granted access to graduate level classes and an opportunity to do graduate level research under the direct supervision of UCLA’s distinguished faculty.

DSP applications are reviewed by the department’s faculty. The department will nominate students to the Dean of the Division of Honors and the Dean of Graduate Division for admission to the program. Upon approval from these two entities, the student is formally admitted to the DSP.

Department Scholars begin taking graduate level courses for the M.A. in the following Fall quarter. They are required to satisfy all of the M.A. requirements, including the Historical Linguistics requirement, which they can satisfy by taking 110 either as an undergraduate or a Departmental Scholar. To view the Linguistics DSP requirement checklist please click here.

UCLA Linguistics undergraduates are to apply the year they plan to complete their B.A. requirements.

        2021 Deadline: April 9th, 11:59 pm (PST)

All application materials must be sent to the Undergraduate Advisor via email to

Eligibility for Admission

Students seeking nomination to Linguistics’ Departmental Scholar Program must meet the following minimum criteria by the start of the Fall quarter for which they have applied:

  • Completion of 24 courses (96 quarter units) at UCLA or the equivalent at a similar institution
  • A 3.5 overall grade point average
  • A 3.5 overall grade point average in a Linguistics major
  • Completion of Linguistics 103, 120A, 120B, 120C, and TWO of the following: 165A, 165B, 165C, and 185A. It’s recommended that applicants take ALL THREE of the following classes: 165A, 165B, 165C.
    *If students who took 102/119A want to apply for DSP, they should take 165A before applying to DSP. Then, during their DSP year, they should prepare to pass the Phonetics exam, especially the production part.
  • ALL B.A. requirements MUST be completed prior to beginning the Fall quarter of the DSP year (Spring or Summer)
  • Must be a regularly enrolled UCLA student at the time of nomination (Spring quarter of their senior year of B.A.)
The Application

The Linguistics DSP application consists of:

  • A completed Departmental Scholar Nomination Form
  • Two letters of recommendation from two UCLA Linguistics faculty members (LoRs should be sent to SAO directly by faculty)
  • A short statement of purpose commenting on your research interests and motivation to become the Departmental Scholar
    (The statement of purpose should also touch on your immediate and long-range goals in the field)

Departmental Scholars are not required to take the GRE. However, students planning to apply in the future to other programs or universities for graduate school should consider taking the GRE general test.

All application materials must be sent to the Undergraduate SAO via email at by the deadline listed above.

After consulting with the department, for additional information on and counseling for the Departmental Scholar Program, please call (310) 825-1553 or visit the Honors office to make an appointment with Honors Counselor, Angel Perez.