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UCLA Linguists at the LSA in Salt Lake City

Published: January 21, 2018

A number of faculty members and students from the UCLA Linguistics Department presented at the Linguistic Society of America’s Annual Meeting in Salt Lake City at the beginning of January.

LSA Talks:

  • Eleanor Glewwe, Jesse Zymet, Jacob Adams, Rachel Jacobson, Anthony Yates, Ann Zeng, & Robert Daland “Substantive bias and the acquisition of final (de)voicing patterns”
  • Canaan Breiss & Bruce Hayes “More on leaking grammars: sentence construction respects phonological markedness constraints”
  • Zhuo Chen “The syntax of single and doubled why questions in Wuhu Chinese”

LSA Posters:

  • Lindy Comstock “Suffix interference and evidence for the the primacy of inflectional processing in Russian”
  • Cassidy Henry “An Optimality Theoretic analysis of vowel harmony in Kazan Tatar”
  • Eleanor Glewwe “Equal learning of natural and unnatural phonotactics”
  • Jesse Zymet “Evidence of word specific propensity to undergo variable phonological processes: corpus and experimental studies on French liaison”

SCiL Talk:

  • Bruce Hayes “Allomorph discovery as a basis for learning alternations”

SSILA Talks:

  • Pamela Munro “How to swear in Zapotec: the grammar of Tlacolula Valley Zapotec expletives”
  • Iara Mantenuto & Brice Roberts “The morphophonology of aspect in San Sebastián del Monte Mixtec”
  • Iara Mantenuto & Brice Roberts “Pronouns and classifiers in San Sebastián del Monte Mixtec”
  • Anthony Yates “On the diachrony of word stress in the Cupan languages”