Ph.D. in Applied Linguistics

Important Note

Please note that no applications for graduate studies in applied linguistics are accepted or reviewed.

Faculty members from departments such as: Anthropology, Asian Languages and Cultures, Chicana and Chicano Studies, Communication Studies, Education, Linguistics, Psychology, Slavic Languages and Literatures, and Sociology, participate in the Doctoral Program in Applied Linguistics. The Director of Graduate Studies heads the faculty advisory committee that shapes the doctoral program. The Graduate Student Affairs Officer (SAO) is responsible for academic counseling, coordinating graduate admissions, and processing graduate student support awards.

The Ph.D. Program in Applied Lingusitics is designed to prepare students to investigate language-related problems and issues in the everyday world. Each student develops a broad background of knowledge about the nature of language and language use, along with the skills needed for teaching and conducting research at the university level. The faculty members who participate in the Doctoral Program in Applied Linguistics represent a wide range of expertise and experience in language-related research. The faculty’s guidance and collaboration with students result in substantial research findings in the areas of specialization within the program. Students can specialize in specific areas of applied linguistics, depending on faculty expertise.

Students entering the program discuss a proposed course of study and research with faculty mentors assigned  according to areas of common interest, expertise, and experience. Students may request a change of mentor at any time through the Graduate Advisor. Once a students nominates his or her dissertation committee, the chair of the dissertation committee assumes the role of the faculty mentor.

Every quarter, students meet with their faculty mentors to discuss their progress towards the degree. This process is intended to assist students in making satisfactory progress and to encourage a strong mentorship relationship between students and faculty. During the year, the faculty and the Graduate Advisor review students’ records and advise on progress through the program.

Program Requirements